Washington Marijuana Vacations, Best Marijuana Stores and Shops

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Washington Marijuana Holidays, Friendly Vacations

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This story starts with a funny incident. One day my old back injury was hurting. I went to the doctor to see what I could do for the pain. I don’t take opioids or heavy drugs because a third of the United States is hooked on opioids and I don’t want that to be me. While waiting for my family doctor, I asked the nurse if they could recommend marijuana?

While waiting for my family doctor, I asked the nurse if they could recommend marijuana?

‘The University of Washington (UWA) and Valley Medical Center, doesn’t make recommendations like that, she said.

Her medical assistant could send me in for MRIs and lots of tests but couldn’t comment on Marijuana. Unfortunately, my insurance company, yes, I am one of those failing to have insurance that is usable, did not approve my doctors. The insurance company denied my claim to be seen by my surgeon to review my current back health.

We tried to order the test but failed. Unfortunately, my insurance company rejected my claim to see my back doctor. Yes, I am one of those failing to have insurance that is usable, did not approve my doctors. The insurance company denied my claim to be seen by my surgeon to review my current back health.

Fight On

Back to UWA, to the nurse and I asked for her to petition the insurance company. My thought was, and I said it out loud, maybe, I should just use marijuana. After all, it is legal after all in Washington State. She said, ‘we can’t recommend that, but I will tell you that my husband came back from Afghanistan with PTSD and it gives him relief.

Sunday Service

On Sunday at church, I told my story to my group of friends. My pastor’s first recommended prayer. We did that – they laid hands on me, my neck and prayed. I have to say it did give me some relief, it did help. After the prayer session, I shared what the nurse said. They shared that they too had acute pain and said, there are tons of weed shops from SeaTac airport to Seattle. And then she added, just don’t stop at the Starbucks along the way, it’s the worse Starbucks.

Everyone’s Washington Marijuana Vacations

Ok – I was starting to see a trend happening. Washington is one of the first recreational Marijuana States, and I think Colorado and Washington were the first two States. If you want to learn more this is the history of Marijuana in Washington State.

Jim, a friend of mine, decided to take me to lunch in Leavenworth to discuss our upcoming trips. Along the way, we saw a lot of cannabis shops, pot shops. I told him my experience with pain and my friend’s advice about pot.

At lunch, we decided to stop at the pot stores and see what the experience was like and to take a local vacation – a businessman’s holiday so to speak. We took a local trip and went on a Washington marijuana vacation. Being a local tourist in my neighborhood is tons of fun.

We realized every day in Washington state is a vacation day. Washington State supports legalizing pot, weed tourism, cannabis holidays and marijuana vacations for medicinal and recreational use. We rock in Washington state and the taxes collected supports our citizens and funds our state government.

First Shop

With our ID in our hand, we entered the first shop. Everyone was so friendly and kind. They had a menu, and it was similar to a fine dining experience. They made recommendations off of the menu. To my surprise, Jim was incredibly knowledgeable. After all, he was a retired ICE Agent, homeland security, law enforcement type, and had been trained in marijuana – think he is a trained weed law enforcement officer. Almost sounds like an oxymoron now to me.

Selecting the Grade

They got into a conversation about varieties. All I wanted was something that would make the pain in my hands stop and help me sleep. The shopkeepers were very helpful and made strong recommendations. I bought some, we thanked them and off we went. The fun was just beginning. It felt like we were on a party bus and we hadn’t even consumed anything. If you can’t find a pot shop after googling it, all you have to do is install Weedmaps app, it can help you find a location close to you.

Marijuana Vacations In Washington

We decided it was fun shopping for pot. The next day we continued our trek and quest by going to another store or two. Now, to show you how much things have changed this one was located a half block from the Washington State Patrol. They again were friendly and helpful. We told them we were writing articles and they told us where to go to next.


Higher Leaf, we went to both stores. The Kirkland store is bigger than Bellevue store. Both have ATMs and a great atmosphere.

Marijuana Vacations In Washington

Enjoy the Menu

Ask for help – there is an excellent staff is happy to provide their advice and recommendations.

Marijuana Vacations In Washington

Kush21, Closest to SeaTac Airport

Marijuana Vacations In Washington

SeaTac Store

Back in the weed store – everyone was more than helpful. We didn’t buy from every store, but we did ask them to fill us in on what they knew. They were proud of their businesses, posed for photos and recommended their best products.

They all the stores told us about their famous customers; Rachel sent us a picture of her with Cheech and Chong, who were working and on vacation in Washington.

Marijuana Vacations In Washington

Times have changed, and life has moved on from the days of the presumed ‘Refer Madness Movie

Kursh Comments about Marijuana and Marijuana Tourism

First of all, legalized Marijuana in Washington state has been one of the best things that could have happened to the communities and community members. Why? There are no longer dispensaries that are unregulated. Granted, the majority of the medical clinics had amazing people and amazing growers, but there was no type of testing, and there was no way to say a person growing was qualified. Having marijuana recreationally legal and being able to regulate the growing operations and which pesticides they are using, is majorly beneficial to consumers health and especially to patients health. You have to remember a lot of the customers are patients who find relief in marijuana in medicinal ways, and it is our job at Kush21 as cannabis activists to help consumers find the exact product they want.

Below is the pretty Kusher21 employee, who helped us a lot.

Marijuana Vacations In Washington.’

Marijuana Vacations In Washington

After that, we went to a Hispanic neighborhood. Jim was kinda funny when we got there. He said I know this neighborhood well we did a lot of investigations here for money laundering. Honestly, some neighborhoods are better than others. The stores are where the customers are.

Nimbin Pot Shop

Marijuana Vacations In Washington Marijuana Vacations In Washington

Emerald Haze

Marijuana Vacations In Washington Marijuana Vacations In Washington

Buddy’s Goodies and Glass

Marijuana Vacations In Washington Marijuana Vacations In Washington

Marijuana Vacation & Marijuana Tour

We went to these marijuana stores and marijuana shops for our Washington Cannabis Vacation and tour.

Emerald Haze – the happy place

Buddy’s – Located on Sunset Blvd. Renton

Green Theory – in Factoria and close to shopping and behind McDonald’s

Higher Leaf – close to the Washington State Patrol and Bellevue College

Kusch 21 – closest to the airport where the vacationers and locals go

Nimbim – Medically Endorsed and huge selection

If you want a map to see all of them select Weedmap.

Last but not least, if you drive from Seatac to Seattle pot shops are along the road. Pick one, each is unique and offers its own special experience. I am sure you will find the right one for you. The good news is they also offer discount cards and have promotions – so don’t be shy, ask about their specials and promotions.


Washington’s cannabis tourism is blooming and growing.

Rather than bothering to go to Amsterdam, try Washington state for a marijuana vacation. If Washington is too rainy for you, try California marijuana vacation, or Denver marijuana holiday. Maybe it’s time to change the federal law, but, until then take your next vacation in Washington.

Marijuana Vacations In Washington

BIG POINT! Just one point don’t smoke and drive, you must be 21, and it is still a federal crime so don’t take it out of Washington State.

Travel tip: Each shop has its specialty, We had a great experience, and the customers were so helpful patient and friendly. Conclusion, try it you will like it!

Do you have a great travel story to share, whether you are far from home or traveling locally, I would love to hear your travel story. See if the readers will like it too. Please contact me.

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More to come on Bud and Breakfast, growers and the Pros and Cons of Marijuana. Stay tune.

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