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Submissions Wanted. Submit Now!

Where in the World is Kate? (WWK)? Welcomes your submission.

Here is a little about our values.

The mission statement is straightforward. Our mission is to help people travel more, especially solo female travelers 50+ plus. WWK encourages and inspires ultimate journeys, naturally, easily and with value.

We are looking for Your Ultimate Journeys. What’s your vacation passion?

WWK encourages and inspires your journey. We value your journey, one step at a time. If your trip takes you around the world or your travel is reading this blog, enjoying it from your living room or bedroom, that is great.

We are looking for real journeys, travel that inspirational, ignites your travel passion button. If this is you, we welcome your submission.

Submission Guidelines – WWK Requirements

Our target audience is female, travelers 50+. Men like the site too. Our travelers are solo females and woman of any age. Women are the most underserved travel segment. We are here to serve you. If you travel solo or travel with a parent or partner and want to help others by sharing your story, we want to hear from you. If you are a man or woman – we want you to help women take their journey.

How to Write for Kate

Posts need to address these three issues

  1. Why? Start with the question Why did you make the trip alone, or with someone?
  2. State Who you are and Why you are on your journey?
  3. Focus on Location – Where did you go? What did you see? What’s in it for the reader?
  4. Travel lesson learned – Journey’s Learning – What’s your takeaway? How to do it next time, What did you learn?
  5. Travel tip – every trip must have advice or suggestions, can you share one to three tips?
  6. Minimum word count is 700, ideal word count 1,200, and a maximum 2,000 – (anymore it is way too much to stick to and enjoy)

Our Purpose is to Share Travel

  1. Going to a place, meet exciting people, and learn/ do something new.
  2. We have Ultimate Readers! They want the Ultimate Posts to Read.

Share Your Travel to Help Others?

On the road, I meet women and men who have information to share with our readers.

Here are some examples of the people I meet who help our users and site.

  • You may have traveled during your gap year and have valuable information to share
  • You may have moved on after a divorce and learned useful routes, tips, and tricks
  • Maybe your family is grown, and you’ve explored inexpensive ways to travel
  • Do you have a boss that encourages your independence and want to share your useful skills
  • Perhaps you have a partner, and together you want to encourage women to travel
  • Any gender, age, or at any stage in your life you can help women travel solo, which also helps men
  • All are welcome on the site – regardless of your gender identity.

Honestly, our goal is to help people travel more, simply, easily with less time on the planning, and on their budget.

Your helpful information regardless of who you are can help others.

If you want to help people travel more, please contact us to share your experiences, advice, recommendations, and information.

Submit – Your Travel Story Help Others Travel and Journey?

If you answer YES I Can to this question, we want you!

Please submit your great travel experience, trip recommendations or ways to go that can help others.

Send your story through the submission form following these simple guidelines.

Let us know how many times you want to post a year 4-6 is ideal – our audience wants to get to know you. You will need a WordPress Gravitron to post – you must have a face and a real Identity. We want to focus on positives, warn against scams and be kind and do no harm to others.

Submission Content Areas

  1. Advice – Travel Tips
  2. Recommendations
  3. Great Travel Experiences
  4. Kids Traveling with Mom
  5. Travel Interviews

When you submit an article to Where in the world is Kate, you agree to follow simple rules

  1. Submit on topics. Articles related to getting the most out of solo travel at 50+ or travel at 50+, ultimate female travel
  2. We are looking for stories that can tell our readers how to save time traveling, save money and how to go to more places.
  3. Ultimate travel stories – did you have an adventure – a beginning middle and end and something you learned that benefits others?
  4. Your belief or feeling about an experience, advice, and recommendations are highly valued.
    1. Please state feelings as an opinion and belief, not a fact.
  5. Brief Bio Profile -You must be willing to provide a
    1. About you – Provide a short (50 word or less) bio box. If you have a website, we can do a backlink on the author page.
    2. Must have a gravatar with a human image, our readers identify with a real person.
    3. Bio – We provide a biography, social media links in your user profile, so you will need to add this information when accepted
    4. Provide your Email address
    5. About the Author – We share your First and Last name, your Bio information, social media links, word count for each author is the same – style is the same for consistency, please end with your favorite food.

Example Topics

Write about a topic such as locations, such as Asia, Australia, or travel tips such as Travel Hacks

Submission Guidelines

  1. No republishing – You agree not to republish a submission, and Where In the World is Kate post to any other site, including your own
  2. WWK accept posts from established experts in the travel field.
  3. We accept writing that is from less known authors that know how to write.
  4. We work with regular contributors, who commit to at least one article 4-6 posts/articles a year up to 12 articles per year. The site builds credibility and will expand over the long-term.
  5. Evergreen articles are practical, with actionable tips that last.
  6. Our readers want “how-to” content with very specific travel advice and tips.
  7. Our Packing Tips are super popular.
  8. If you submit your reinvention story, please deliver a “Big, Real Message” helpful to other women. Stories too personal and not fact-based, without a significant message or learning, your work will not be accepted
  9. Guest posts are original and not previously published. No previous posts – please!
  10. Follow the WWK style standard and layouts – we will send you a guide and our style standard.
  11. Images will be compressed and flattened and must be accompanied by an email as Rich text email
  12. Posts must be a minimum 1000 word.
    1. Posts that are 500-700 words are ok- but – 1000 words are best for our readers.

All content must be original – your work, all references appropriately cited

  1. Guest posts must have approved links and Where in the World is Kate must see all links as relevant. No fewer than three links.
  2. Where in the world is Kate reserves the rights to include and must accept all links or ads in any submitted articles
  3. Do not send images to your post – we will advise what the next steps are for select a featured image

Standard Terms for All – By Submitting, You Agree to These Terms

  1. You will not receive any compensation for your submission
  2. Agree and confirm submission does not make you part of Where in the world is Kate website.
  3. Where in the world is Kate may repost any guest posts to this site
  4. Your name must be full name using upper and lower case.
  5. Where in the world is Kate reserves the right to remove any guest post with or without a reason
  6. All guest posts are edited and approved by Where in the world is Kate staff before posting
  7. Where in the world is Kate reserves the right to reject any article that it feels is not a good site fit?
  8. Images can not have watermarks
  9. Pink – don’t use the color Pink as a guest author on your post.

Thank you! We want to hear from you and want your ideas and posts. Together we will help women 50+ get the most from solo travel at any age!

Submission Steps

  1. Complete the submission form by submitting the form.
  2. Submitting a guest post means you have read these terms and conditions, our privacy,  publicity statements, submission is agreement. Don’t submit if you don’t accept the terms.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation.

Accepted Articles

  1. Where in the world is Kate, will email back within 15 business days if your post is approved.
  2. Stories like this word.

How to Do More Slow Travel – 3 Night Miami Itinerary

Best Female Travel Hats

Thank you for your interest and support for solo female travel.

  • Please share Where in the World is Kate with your friends who travel, want to travel or enjoy reading travel stories.

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