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Please donate to Kate securely from this site and help fund your favorite travel blog. We accept affiliates and partnerships and if you are a like-minded tour agent or tour group. Ads on our pages that fit our audience may be accepted, as long as we support your product and it fits Where in the World is Kate’s audience. We don’t charge our readers. All of our content is free. My consulting, volunteer work and donations from people like you make this travel site for single women, solo female travel, solo travelers, couples, and travelers 50 plus and at every stage of life is possible.

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There is a section of Kate’s readers that can’t travel now – but will go soon. Some readers travel vicariously through the site. Readers follow her loyalty, love travel, make recommendations to their friends and contribute to our success. We support you the reader. For men and women who use the site, we appreciate that you want to learn why and how to travel safely and efficiently. Sometimes she will provide Tour groups and other ways to achieve this goal.

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Your donation will help me gather information for women travelers over fifty travel. We share how to safely, easily and economically travel at any stage of life. We love your support and need your help to go to more unusual locations to provide the best advice:

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