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Ads – Partners – Affiliates

We work with Partner Affiliates. Since, 1996 I have been consulting, painting and traveling. Over time, my funding methods have changed significantly. Today my income comes from several areas.

Partners Affiliates

Funding of the is through the following methods:

1) Ads – we do accept paid ads please contact us.

2) Affiliate marketing – Links to products I recommend earn a small commission if people buy them, at no extra cost to you.

3) Partner Programs –  Partnerships discussions are underway, we are actively looking for and discussing partnership programs now and would like to talk to you if you are interested, please send your business proposal please contact us.

4) Campaigns – Campaigns initiatives by brands, both travel, and non-travel, may include anything from sponsored travel to site advertising, social media promotion, public appearances at events, and more. We disclosure all campaigns supporters. We aim to meet our content, ethics and brand standards.

5) Branded content – Paid branded content posts are, and promotions of an individual product are accepted They are clearly labeled as paid Ads. At the top of all branded content posts is clearly disclosed. Only products that I think will interest my readers, mostly travel, contests, and offerings are a limit to two per month, max.

6) Products – I want to partner on tours, and I’m currently developing new products for release later this year, where I help others enable their tours. I am looking for thought leaders in the tourist industries and tour services.

7) Freelance writing and consulting – I rarely freelance in either area anymore, but in the past, I’ve done freelance writing for publications including AOL and was once the travel writer for Trip Advisor. These days, most of my consulting are limited to advising on apps, go-to-market strategies, and startups.

8) Public speaking – I speak at a variety of events on travel, blogging, and women’s empowerment.

What We Believe

We have to be tenacious to survive. Therefore, being successful is not how hard you work but how smart you work.  Doing the website takes that same tenacity. Additionally, persistence, perseverance and have the right attitude helps. These are the core principles to our success. We work very hard writing the site, creating compelling photography and finding offerings and partners that share our values. We all can find the common good. You can too and we can build an active community.

Working Together. We Want to Work with You.

Want to be a partner or affiliate. Always Guest writers and kids traveling with their moms are welcome to submit posts. We are actively looking for sponsors so we can keep the stories rolling. Love to hear from you, and please contact us.