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Use Kate’s Travel Store to buy this road warrior’s tested, proven travel products to make your trip more comfortable. On this page, you will find her Travel Essentials and companies she uses over and over again. These are her favorite partners. Have peace of mind, and know these are trusted products and partners that Kate has found. All items, shipped straight from Amazon to your doorstep. Full disclosure, Amazon may pay a small commission to the site at no cost to you which helps maintain the site.

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Kate’s Travel Shop products actually work. All of the items listed on her Amazon page, sold through Amazon, are safe travel essentials. This is Kate’s list and the stuff she uses and really works.

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Kate’s recommendations are bought, used, and tested by Kate. As long as you go through her store, the blog receives a small commission supporting the site.

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What a list of things you shouldn’t bring on a trip? Something of your luxury items should not be packed in your luggage. Don’t bring luxury items on your trip.

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