Pacific Islands Best Kept Secrets Traveling Alone and Solo Trips

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Pacific Islands Best Kept Secrets

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The Pacific Islands Best Kept Secrets, is the Pacific Islands and the Largest Ocean in the world, The Pacific Ocean. The largest ocean in the world hides thousands and thousands of islands whose enchanting song lures travelers from all over the world. While some are already well-known, there are countless others. Several Islands are still not claimed as tourist hotspots. Therefore, If you are looking for a gorgeous tropical paradise not crammed with visitors, here are some gems that will end up making you feel in love. 

Pacific Islands Best Kept Secrets

lord howe island, pacific islands

Can You Keep a Secret? 

Lord Howe – The World Heritage Site

Off the east coast of Australia is a World Heritage listed volcanic island and the group of surrounding islets. At any one time, only 400 visitors are allowed on the tiny island. The island boasts dramatic scenery and is home to many endemic species. As it’s relatively small, walking and biking is the preferred method of getting around.  Outdoor activities are numerous. Swimming, diving, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing and hiking are favorite pastimes. As the island is home to many nesting birds, it is much beloved among bird watchers. It’s also popular among divers, as it’s the perfect starting point to explore the southernmost barrier reef in the world.

New Caledonia

new-caledonia, pacific islands

New Caledonia, one of the biggest gems,  is a peculiar and beautiful place. It is a French territory off the coast of Australia. The Pacific setting and the French influence make for an intoxicating combination. The stunning nature of the islands is mesmerizing. The lagoon of New Caledonia has the World Heritage status. Whether you’re into swimming and snorkeling in the dazzling waters, lounging on the white sand, or exploring the French and Melanesian heritage in the beautiful Noumea, you are going to have a fabulous time. New Caledonia is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a bit of sightseeing and culture along with heavenly beaches.


palau-beach, pacific islands


This archipelago in the western part of the Pacific consists of hundreds of islands. The most populous of them are Babeldaob, Koror, and Peleliu, and they are sharing a common barrier reef. As one of the rare parts of our planet that have remained relatively free of environmental problems, Palau is a pristine natural haven. It is home to the indigenous saltwater crocodile and is also the first shark sanctuary in the world. The mangrove ecosystem supports life for many rare animal and plant species. Palau, recognized as a global world leader in marine environmentalism due to their work on preserving this precious natural world.


rarotonga, pacific islands

The Cook Islands

Moving on to dramatic Rarotonga, possibly this location is the most populous of the Cook Islands. You will notice, a ring of bright orange corals surrounds it and are perfect for snorkelers. Remarkably, the volcanic origin of the island is the main reason for its dramatic scenery. Yet with majestic green mountains dominating the interior area every part of the Island is breathtaking. Thanks to the climate, the vegetation is lush, lending the island its bright green color.


Don’t forget Hiking! Hike through the forest may lead you to the gorgeous Wigmore Falls. White sand dusts the palm tree decorated coast. 


pacific islands

Image by David Eickhoff

24 Hour Trip to Paradise

Remember, for those looking to stray far off the beaten track, there’s no better place than Tokelau. Unforgettable, this tiny dependency of New Zealand does not have an airport, nor even a port. Therefore, expect to take a 24-hour ship journey from Samoa to reach these three specks halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. To get home, the ship is your ride back. Therefore, once you’re there, you are staying at least until the boat returns. The boat returns in five days or later. Luckily, the atolls are beautiful, and visitors can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the clear waters of the lagoon. The islands have only one hotel and one resort.

You won’t mind staying five days! The remarkable atolls are beautiful. All visitors can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the clear waters of the lagoon. The islands have only one hotel and one resort.

Avoid the Touristy Locations

Finally, with such diverse islands and archipelagos, the Pacific will satisfy even the pickiest of travelers. However, next time you want to go, choose something other than the usual Tahiti and Fiji. In conclusion, the Pacific is awaiting you with all of its charm and undiscovered wonders. 

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