12 Unusual Alaska Sights Showing Quirky Alaskan Humor

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12 Unusual Sights Showcasing Alaskan Humor

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Alaska is quirky. There is no doubt about it. Alaskan’s are independent, patriotic, and love adventure and the outdoors. You have to be independent if you live in Alaska.  I found the people of Alaska are unique, fiercely individuals, and take care of their neighbors. Alaskan humor, which I call ‘Alaskan Quirky,’ is fun, lighthearted and brightened my day, every day. Let me show you how and why Alaskan humor made my day.

12 Unusual Sights Showing Quirky Alaskan  Humor

Alaskan’s humor is everywhere. If things get rocky, the make a joke to relieve the tension. They try to do their best by you. However, they don’t like to stick their nose in your business. So if you ask for directions or advice, most say, ‘I don’t know.’ or they say, ‘Im not sure’. It became our standard joke to guess which one they would say to us if we asked a question. This is certainly different from most places that base their livelihood on tourism like Alaska does.

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Rachel and I visited Alaska to see natural beauty, the wild animals, but we found the people are one of Alaska’s highlights. Here is our itinerary. If you want to see our encounter with a moose watch my moose video.

1. Restaurant Signs Show Alaskan Humor

alaska humor

2. Architecture Reflects Alaskan Humor

Alaska has a lot of Christian churches per capita. Some say the culture is heathen which makes the churches feel like a reflection on the quirky Alaskan humor we spotted. Even locals claim the people are wild and need the churches.

alaska humor

3. Homes Show Humor and Passion for Antlers

alaska humor

4. Everything is Useful and Used

We found recycling is popular and taken to a new level in this state, in the upper USA. We saw a dinosaur statue that looked like T-Rex, and the shoe sculpture featured photo. Nothing is thrown away and you will find a grill and sleeping bag in the backyard, stuff on the side yard and art in the front yard.

alaska humor

5. Signs Show Alaskan Humor

alaska humor

6. Businesses Show Alaskan Humor

Humor, patriotism, and your beliefs are flown proudly. Go Girls Go. You can find the Black and Pink food truck on Facebook, at The Girls Food Truck.

alaska humor

7. Dollars on the Ceiling

What business keeps there money on the ceiling? When the customers get drunk enough, I wonder if they reach up and grab a few dollars. No telling what they might do. Some at the Yukon bar, in Seward, say – its been known to happen.  You’ll also see there is a lot going on in Seward in the summertime, that puts a smile on your face.

alaska humor

9. Surfing Found at the Ranger Station

I was expecting whale sights, trails for hiking but never imagined surfing trips in Alaska. Surfing is popular along the coastline.

alaska humor

10. Sports Done at Any time of Year, Show Alaskan Humor

Even when its 50 degrees outside – Jet Skiing is popular. Another indicator of the humor we experienced. It is so much fun to be with people who live life fully. Hey, it’s maybe 50 degrees outside, and I’m sure his hands are cold even in a dry suit.

alaska humor

11. Art In Unusual Places

Here is the land of public art and graffiti. I have seen the ‘trash bin’ art before, but in Seward, trash cans are painted with colorful art that is pretty funny the closer you look at it. Art in public places takes on a new meaning in Alaska.

alaska humor

12. Street Signs with a Sense of Humor

alaska humor

When we drove up to the Denali Bluffs we stopped by Grande Denali Lodge. On the way up the narrow dirt gravel road, we laughed our heads off because of the quirky signs along the way. I wish I could post them all. Imagine, and just think you are driving up the road and – signs say ‘Wet when raining’ and ‘Highway ends’, Watch out for Aircraft’, and ‘This sign available’. The signs certainly confirmed to us, that the people of Alaska have a great sense of humor.

Here is an alternative to seeing this great state, try a cruise if you don’t want to drive. You will see the quirkiness of this state no matter how you travel.

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