Best Travel Photos for York Maine, Long Sands Beach at Sunset

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Spying Intimacy at Sunrise

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One morning, when I was in York, I decided to watch the sunrise. Walking toward Long Beach, a couple was waiting for the sun to rise too. They placed their beach chairs carefully along the high bank cliff and put a warm blanket across their laps. With a hot drink in their hands, they sat there, quietly waiting for the sun to rise. Occasionally, he patted her hand, and she squeezed his hand in return. They were waiting for the show to begin -to see a York Maine Sunrise. They were in York to share the moment.

York Maine Sunrise

After snapping a few photos of them, and thinking about the nature of my invasion of their private event, my heart felt a longing for what I thought I wanted to have right now, at this moment. At first, my feeling was hard to explain. But the more I thought about the emotion, the more I understood. Not surprisingly, I felt a longing for what I ‘thought’ I would have at this time in my life. My wistfulness wants to sit in her place with a wonderful guy, waiting for the sun to rise. TODAY. Right now, I wished, I had someone to sit next to and watch the sunrise in York Maine

York Maine - Sunrise, York Maine Sunrise


But, it’s not how life has turned out for me, so, after a sigh, I continued walking down the road. – I could watch the sunrise. I didn’t need someone to look at the sunrise. It’s a choice. You can wait for perfection or appreciate what you have, and embrace the moment. Do all the things on your bucket list. Because there is no time like today to seize the moment. Life doesn’t give us many do-overs.

York Maine - Sunrise, York Maine Sunrise

Act One

I was right in the middle of a dramatic, perfectly orchestrated sunrise with the light illuminating the beach, the waves turned into diamonds, the rocks became lustrous semi-precious stone, and every building and home along the boardwalk had an unusual hue. Then the road turned into a street of gold like goldenrods.

The warmth of the light filled my soul. And I realized, it’s quite extraordinary to be able to watch the dawn light up the sky. The gift isn’t who you are with but that you can feel the warmth of the air and the new day. It’s just a blessing to be alive and feel the colors.

York Maine - Sunrise, York Maine Sunrise

A Good  Drama

Each morning while I was in York, I went to watch the dawn break because this is a special place. York, Maine, is as beautiful as a Rockwell painting. York, Maine is very romantic and a special place. It doesn’t take someone to be with you to appreciate a great event. You just have to make a choice to be there.

York Maine - Sunrise, York Maine Sunrise


The entire seashore from Kennebunkport and the York, Maine Sunrise are breathtaking, an outstanding location – I hope you get to see the sunrise here.

York Maine - Sunrise, York Maine Sunrise

So the peaceful day began. People walk to the beach. The sun unveiled another beautiful day.

York Maine Sunrise

I hope you get to see a York Maine Sunrise!

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