How to Book Multi Country Flights, Traveling US to Turkey to Egypt

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Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary

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I am frequently asked about the logistics of my travel. If you are traveling from Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon this itinerary might help. My map explains how I traveled by using this route to Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary.  Travel has its inherent risks these days, I understand that some don’t want to travel. But, if you do want to travel this might help you. When writing for solo women 50+ I consider my safety first, adventure and travel value second. Don’t be stupid and think you are ever really safe. Safety is a figment of your imagination. But, honestly, this information is great for travel info for travelers at 50+, men, those traveling alone or people traveling with others and travelers at any stage of their life. What to know before you go.

This information will help you make a cheaper, smarter, easier trip. I hope this Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary makes great planning aid. People are concerned about travel abroad these days, but, the values are wonderful and if you register with STEP you will always have up-to-date travel bulletins.

Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary

Keep this in mind – you will save money if you buy while traveling because the USA has heavy taxes and fees applied to all airplane tickets. Other countries don’t assess these fees.

Therefore, regional tickets, bought while you are traveling or in-country tend to be less expensive.

See how this works in my Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon itinerary.

Here is My Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary and Maps

Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary

Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary – Part 1

Egyptian Air, a Star Alliance Airline and part of Delta’s Group is how I searched for my tickets. You may find cheaper prices using a local airline. These prices are for the day I searched – prices will vary based on when you are traveling.

Round trip from Istanbul Ataturk, Turkey TAV Airport to Cairo, Egypt Airport code CAI is pretty inexpensive. Regional airlines are less than Egyptian Air and much less than flying from the USA. Flying round trip is even less expensive than one-way. Round trip it runs about $260.00 to $300.00.

How to Travel to Several Countries

Some airplane tickets can’t be bought as a multi-leg journey – like we can in the USA. When I went, I bought three separate legs.

Istanbul, Turkey to Cairo, Egypt – The Plan – How I Did it.


Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary – Part 2

How to Buy Your Tickets

Instead of purchasing a round-trip ticket that might have saved me $50.00. I purchased these tickets as separate legs – or – three, one-way tickets. Recently, when I tried to purchase a multi-leg trip, I couldn’t do it. The search came back “flight unavailable”.

Recently, when I tried to purchase a multi-leg trip, I couldn’t do it. The search came back “flight unavailable”.

Istanbul to cairo


Buy One Way Tickets – Cairo, Egypt to Beirut, Lebanon

Next, I purchased a ticket from Cairo, Egypt to Beirut, Lebanon.

Cairo to Beirut, Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary

Beirut, Lebanon to Istanbul, Turkey – Part 3

Next, buy a one-way ticket from Beirut, Lebanon back to Istanbul, Turkey

Beirut to Istanbul, Turkey to Egypt to Lebanon Itinerary

Exit Taxes – What is an Exit Tax

In Egypt, I did have to pay an exit tax to leave Cairo, Egypt. I am not sure it was a legitimate tax, but that is what I call the “payment to an official to get through the security line.” If I hadn’t paid the security guard the man in line behind me said, ‘I couldn’t exit.’ so I paid the money, it wasn’t worth the hassle. Maybe this was truly an exit fee. I did negotiate the price. The man reduced the “fee”  from $500 to $50 Egyptian Pound. The exchange rate is below – this wasn’t a lot of money. But, I am glad I had Egyptian Pounds in my purse. Some people were running to the cash machine to get more money.

1.00 EGP=0.111738 USD
Egyptian PoundUS Dollar
1 EGP = 0.111738 USD1 USD = 8.94950 EG

Check here to find today’s exchange rate: Exchange rates here.



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