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Tarangire Safari Camp, Tough Road: Part 3

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Here is what I think about African Travel Tips. If your foot hurts you shouldn’t use it. I needed to get to the Safari Camp and get away from the Tour. Tanzania, Africa is a hard place to be injured. My foot wasn’t feeling too great. I painfully made it over the bumpy roads, pit stops and birds that dive bombed us while we ate. I took tons of animal photos with my foot up on the dash of the Land Rover.

We saw a lot of Land Rovers that had rolled over or had flat tires along the road. I knew I would be in serious trouble if that happened to our car because I kept my foot elevated on the dashboard. If we flipped our car my foot would go through the windshield. Even my guide was worried. Nothing delayed our trip, not crazy dive bombing birds or injured or sick people. We drove on to Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa, on time and as scheduled.

Certainly, we could not deviate from the Tour schedule or their plan.

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

At last, we made it through the gate to the camp. Everyone had fun taking photos, after a while, even the cool animals couldn’t take my mind off of my foot. I was becoming obsessed with my foot the only medicine I was using – Tylenol extra strength. Now, even that was gone. I felt I was in serious trouble.

My Story Part 3

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

We Arrive at Tarangire

We made it – heading home to the camp. Passing the staff housing – which was barely a substantial enough house to protect from the elements, we arrived at lovely, lavish facilities that were incredibly comfortable. Maybe, I was just happy to stop bouncing around and put my foot up on something soft – a pillow. And I wanted some ice. At one of the camps, we took leftover water bottles and filled them with water from the lake where the Flamingos swam. The ice was pink because of the algae in the water.

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

Jennifer and my Tarangire camp house

Night Arrives – We hear Elephants

We are told not to leave the path because we are in an elephant reserve. By the way, bathroom facilities are in our cabin. Our bathroom even had a hot shower. So other than going to dinner we didn’t have a need to go out at night.

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

Dinner house and lite trail to the dining area.

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

Jennifer helped me hop to the campfire. I took a few photos, relaxed. Later got help from the staff who rubbed and massaged my leg to reduce the swelling.

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

They know how to handle things in the bush. The message pushed the inflammation towards my lymphoid, reducing the pain and swelling. I showed Jennifer how much better I was. I went to bed.

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa


Suddenly, we hear this loud noise, heavy breathing, the brush moving and a trumpet. Yes, Elephants are near. So Jennifer grabs her camera to take advantage of the opportunity. As she gets ready to leave our cabin porch, a guide comes to the door and tells us not to leave the cabin. Darn, The Guide canceled Jennifer’s photo op due to eminent danger. Danger! Elephants are very close, and they can run fast. We could hear them breathing. Now, I was glad Jennifer was inside with me.

At dawn, Jennifer went out to check things out. She found evidence that the elephants had been close last night. Elephant’s poo is right next to our cabin, on the edge of our trail to the dining hall.

Remember the path, the one we weren’t supposed to leave? It seems the elephants didn’t get the memo. The elephants were on our path. They were on our side of the park.

I am so glad we didn’t run into an elephant that night. I don’t think I could have escaped or run away.

Tarangire Safari Camp, Tanzania Africa

Well in the morning, the swelling was back. We went back into the car, I was in my designated seat, as we continued to bounce down the road toward the Serengeti.

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