Solo Traveler Advice for Sexy Vacation at Santorini, Greece

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See Sexy Santorini Greece

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The best things in Santorini, Greece are all about the sun. An island, Santorini is for sun lovers, beach goers and people who love spectacular sunsets and views. Santorini is an island perfect for enjoying pure, clean, healthy outdoor fun. After a pleasant ferry ride that most likely will put you to sleep, you will disembark to crowds of hotel sales people begging for your business. You can negotiate the best rate right on the street. Most likely, the rate is low because of the location. Unfortunately, when you book this way, you won’t know where is the hotel’s location. And in reality, location is everything on the island.

The Best Things in Santorini, Greece.

Yes – Location is everything on Santorini.  So a hotel in the wrong location can be a problem because staying on the western side of the island is a must. The western side is where stay to see the magnificent sunset. Sunsets will make your stay, so be sure you get the most out of Santorini by booking a room with a Western exposure and view.

What to Do – Sun and Beach Fun!

Another strategy is to book in advance, check the rates and locations in advance or take your chances with the street deals.

Thira in the center of the island is dry and arid. Beware of deals that are too good to be true. If the deal is ‘too good to be true’ they are probably in the center if the island where its really hot. Hot, dry and without a view is typical inexpensive hotel on Santorini.

Hotels for Sale in Santorini, Greece  – Looks Like a Protest

Best Things To Do in Santorini Greece

Best Things in Santorini, Greece

Known for the Bluest Water


Santorini, Greece is Known for Churches, Beaches and Sunsets

There are nine churches to see on Santorini. However, in Greece, every island lays claim to be “This is Where Paul Preached,” similar to New England, USA claims of “George Washington Slept Here.” The difference is that Paul probably did visit all of the Greek islands.  Greece is where Paul traveled before receiving his 39 lashes in Cyprus. Therefore, every island in Greece memorializes Paul’s travels by having a St Paul Church. I visited Santorini’s St Paul’s Church. (below)

Paul is so popular in Greece; you can take tours that follow the Footsteps of St Paul in Greece. Some St Paul Tours even go to different countries. I keep bumping into St. Paul Churches everywhere I travel. Visiting St. Paul church(s) is not typically part of my plan, but I believe it is what I am meant to see – even without a tour.

Thinking about it, I was meant to go there because I met Ella at St Paul’s Church. How ironic. Finally St Paul’s Church paid off with a really fun experience; Motto-ing with Ella.

IMG_0497 (2)

St Paul’s Church Santorini, Greece


Private St Nick’s Catholic Church on Santorini

Inland Santorini

Santorini rises from the coast to the central arid covered hill top. The interior part of Santorini is dry and hot. Cool, coastal breezes from the ocean make the shoreline comfortable throughout the day and any time of the year.


Ella and the Moto

As you can see, Santorini is dry and hot when you go inland. The Church of St Paul is in the middle of the island. My hotel gave me a ride to the Church one morning and told me it was a short walk back to the hotel, located near the beach. It turns out we have a very different definition of a “short walk”. At 9:00 am right after breakfast, the hotel driver dropped me off at the church and I was already sweating.

Ella was wondering around the church. The only person there, she sits on her Motto day dreaming. I asked if I could catch a ride from the church back to my hotel or at least in the near vicinity of my hotel. Ella asked how I got to the church because there isn’t a taxi in sight. She told me I couldn’t possibly walk from here back to town.

“Hop on!” She said, in an adorable, Aussie accent.


The Motto

On her Motto Ella smiled and nodded. She gives me a ride to town.

Ella invites me to join her to cruise around the island together. We rent a second Motto. Then we spend the day exploring the Island together, actually for two days. Somewhere between stops that day, she decides to go to Turkey to stay in a Tree House. I advise her to travel with another woman to Turkey, after all she is only 17. The next day she tells me, a woman from the hostel where she is staying wants to go with her to Turkey to stay in a Tree House. Tree House rentals cost about six to twelve US dollars. Ella on her Gap year is ready to try anything. She calls her parents every day. During one of the calls, I could tell how important for her parents the call was from Ella. 

My Feelings

One other little point, safety is important when you are traveling. It is important to those that are at home waiting for you to come back. Ella’ parents love her reassuring calls. Her calls let her parents know she is safe. On this day, she explained to her parents she is going to Turkey. If you are 17 years old or older and going to Turkey, it’s best to go with another person. Since I could her the call, I made a suggestion. Softly, I made a recommendation. Ella, it is easier traveling with someone wouldn’t she like to find someone to go to Turkey with her?

“Ella, it is easier traveling with someone.” and then paused – ” Wouldn’t you like to go with someone to Turkey?”

If you are older, I feel it is probably Ok to go alone, but actually today, it’s always safer to go with someone. If you don’t need to travel alone, travel with another person. But, I feel most people would rather go with someone than alone.

Best Things To Do In Santorini Greece

We Took the Road Less Traveled

Best Things To Do In Santorini Greece

Best Things in Santorini, Greece

Santorini Greece – 10 Beaches

Red Beach – One of the most famous beaches in Santorini is the red Beach. A great place to hang out.

White Beach – Called the White Beach because the cliffs are white. White Beach located on the south side of Red Beach is remote. The Beach is more secluded than Red Beach.

Black Beach – 8 of the beaches have black sand going up to the size of black pebbles. The dark volcanic sand gets scolding hot! Be sure to bring your sandals – you will need them.

Beach Boardwalks make it easier to get to the beach, but you will still need to protect your feet.

Sunset and sunrise schedule and timetable

Best Spots to see Santorini Sunsets. What you need to know about the Business of Sunsets. Santorini Sunset Insider tips.

Rent MOTOS or Scooters on the island of Santorini.

Santorini, Greece Shopping – Locals have fun with the Travelers

Best Things To Do In Santorini Greece

Ella Bought a Gift for Her Brother

Best Things To Do In Santorini Greece

We Wandered Until We Found a Place to Eat

Best Things To Do In Santorini Greece

Hotel With My Name On It

Had to show this hotel with my name on it. The hotel and the island is general is a beautiful location. Ella made my time in Santorini fun. She took care of me and I feed her. Here is how she took care of me. We went into a shop and negotiate for two Greek fishing jackets made of white cotton, one for her and one for me. The woman shop owner wanted to charge me twice as much as Ella.

Ella asked why?

With a smirk, the woman shop owner said, “She’s old, older than you.”

The shopkeeper pointing at me said, ” You should pay more than her. She’s young. You are old and have moremoney.”

Ella said, “We both pay the same amount, or neither of us will buy a jacket from you. ”

A Thank You Meal to Remember

Reluctantly, we bought our fishing jackets and paid the same price. Ella’s help was immensely important to me, so I thanked her for standing up for me. In life, only a few people stand up for each other, so this made her special to me. As a way of thanking her for her kindness and friendship, I invited her to dinner. Ella is vegetarian. Ravenously she devoured every bit of everything we order. She ate as if she hadn’t eaten in a long while. So, I asked about her voracious appetite.

“I had to enjoy everything that’s offered when it’s offered because I don’t know when I will get a chance to do it again?” Ella said.

Honestly, this is the moment when I decided never again to turn down a kind invitation. Previously, I had looked for reasons to refuse invitations and pleasures. Actually, this is the moment I started accepting all kind invitation and still do today, Ella’s perspective is my perspective now. Funny how travel impacts and changes me. Maybe it will change you too.

Consume and enjoy everything you can, when you can. It just might be your only opportunity, Take a chance. Later is now!

Best Things To Do In Santorini Greece

Santorini, Greece is worth seeing – bring sunscreen, a sun hat and time to relax.

I believe to Be Safe – always wear sunscreen, practice safe sex and be respectful to everyone! Carry enough cash to escape from trouble.

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