Solo Female Road Less Traveled – How Solo Woman Travels Turkey

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Wandering the Road Less Traveled – Turkey

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After visiting Istanbul, people like to get away from the hustle of this huge cosmopolitan city. Big cities are great, and Istanbul has lots to see, but eventually I have to leave and take the Road Less Traveled – Turkey. Don;t get me wrong I love the historical sites such as the art in the Aya Sophia. I want to see unbound Turkey, on the road less, traveled – Turkey. After visiting a big city like Istanbul, and seeing the sights, I’m ready for the path less traveled. In Turkey, the road less traveled is in southern Turkey. One of the best travel values, worth the time and money to see the glamorous Aegean and Med Turkish lifestyle.

Turkey’s Top 10 Cities

Lycian Tombs Fetheyi Turkey, Road Less Traveled - Turkey

2016 offers great value and the best prices I have ever seen in my tens years of traveling. Cruise ships aren’t going to Istanbul’s port because of security concerns. However, the strong US dollar makes Istanbul an interesting destination for 2106. I know you hear about security concerns but where in the world is it safe these days. If a Paris rock concert puts you in harm’s way, then everywhere is in question and nowhere is safe, right? To my way of thinking now is the time to go to Southern Turkey and the best places to go. My philosophy is this – don’t let the bad guys win, people count on tourists so keep on truckin. See the World

To my way of thinking Southern Turkey is amazing because it’s I feel one of the best places to go for an inexpensive vacation – just register with Step.

My philosophy is this – don’t let the bad guys win, people count on tourists so keep on truckin. See the World

To my way of thinking now is the time to go to Southern Turkey because it’s fun, the best places to go for the sun and food. My philosophy is this – don’t let the bad guys win, people count on tourists so keep on truckin. See the World

See the World – But always be safe and protect yourself.

The Road Less Traveled – Turkey

Istanbul offers antiquities blended into the daily life of the city. Istanbul is a mix of old world charm and modern comforts.

Road Less Traveled - Turkey

Turkey 2016

Let’s Start in Istanbul

I start in Istanbul because you are most likely going to arrive here from any destination in the world and then will take a second flight to your final destination in Turkey.

Road Less Traveled Turkey


When I am done seeing art history in Istanbul and being approached by every rug merchant to buy rugs and others vendors selling me ‘stuff I don’t need” and things I don’t want in Sultanahmet, my suggestion is to move on to southern Turkey. The UNESCO World Heritage site, Hagia of Sophia is worth seeing. I think it’s one of the great churches and mosques of the world. Hagia of Sophia was built by Justinian in only four years and had the largest dome until the Vatican’s dome.

Hagia Sophia – Church, Mosque, and Museum


Road Less Traveled - Turkey


Road Less Traveled - Turkey

Museum – See Roman Art, Viking Graffiti, and Islamic Calligraphy

Road Less Traveled - Turkey

Leave Istanbul Behind – See the Best of Southern Turkey

My impression of southern Turkey is it’s the place to go for relaxation, outdoors activities on the Aegean Sea and to enjoy the sun while experiencing warm Turkish hospitality and food.

On the Road Less Traveled – Turkey

See Southern Turkey’s Top Beach Cities

The top beach cities in Turkey offer sunshine and lots of hiking and outdoors fun. Some are party towns others are quiet. My impression of Southern Turkey is that it offers something for everyone. It is a great location for solo women travelers, couples, and small groups. It is a friendly area that welcomes tourist and greets visitors with warm hospitality.

Fetheyi, Turkey, beach, Marina, Fethey iTurkey, Road Less Traveled - Turkey

Fetheyi, Turkey, beach, Marina, Fethiye iTurkey,

Where to Go on the Road Less Traveled – Turkey

Bodrum – romantic get away with impressive beaches. Fewer ferries leave from Bodrum to Greece

Marmaris – big party scene every day but especially in the summer season, the Rhodes ferry departs from this Port

Fethiye – small quiet port town, lots of things to do Take a bus to the Gorge, go river rafting, hiking to Lycian Tombs, little market, and boat excursions

Antalya – Antiquities and ruins, beaches

Alanya – don’t go further east than here

Lycian Tombs Fetheyi Turkey, Road Less Traveled - Turkey

See Lycian Tombs in Fetheyi Turkey,

The Road Less Traveled – Turkey, See Ancient Ruins

The Best preserved ancient ruins, located in these cities

Izmir – On the Agean the history makes it a tourist destination.

Ephesus – A Bible place, Mary’s home after Jesus’ death, Temple of Artemis and the Ancient town of Ephesus – the location for the book of Ephesians. Local tours can be arranged here to any of these destinations.

Pamaluka – Bathe in the water where Cleopatra swam to maintain and gain her legendary beauty. Tours here

Cappadocia – Where fertilizer farmed from Pigeons – Hot Air balloon rides over the limestone hills, crazy rock formation and rock cave dwelling of early Christians – take a tour to see it all.

There is a lot to see and do in Turkey, don’t let the uncertain times dictate your next trip. Traveling in Turkey is a substantial value. My impression of southern Turkey is that it remains a comfortable place to see, if not less expensive than most tourist locations in the USA or Europe. Do not miss out!

Ephesus Turkey, Ancient Sight, Road Less Traveled - Turkey

Mother Mary’s House, Ephesus Turkey, Ancient Sight,

Amazing Ephesus: On the Road Less Traveled – Turkey

Turkey, Efes, Ephesus Turkey, Ancient Sight, Road Less Traveled - Turkey

Ephesus Turkey, Ancient Sight,

Turkey is a great value, and I am going again this summer. The politics of our time aren’t going to ruin my summer vacation!

Places to see on Road Less Traveled – Turkey and more about Turkey.

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