Glacier National Park, Why Everyone Should Visit the Peace Park

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Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

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“The most convenient airport to Whitefish and Glacier National Park is the Glacier Park InternationalAirport (FCA) located in Kalispell, MT. The airport is 30 miles from the West Entrance of Glacier National Park and 12 miles from the town of Whitefish.”  I read this online and decided, right then that I had to achieve my life long dream, which is a visit to Glacier National Park. I had to go. Why go to Glacier National Park? I’m going to Glacier to get back to nature, to escape the hustle and bustle of life, and to see the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

The UNESCO treasure of Glacier and Waterton Lakes national parks are also known as the WatertonGlacier International Peace Park (WGIPP). The US and Canadian National created in 1932, commemorates the peace and goodwill our two nations share. Both flags fly at The Peace Parks.

Glacier National Park Itinerary - West, East and North East Glacier

On the US side of the Peace Park, you will see both flags flying.

However, if you are American, and want to visit Waterton National Park, bring a passport to enter the Canadian part of the Peace Park. Crossing a border always requires a passport from the US or Canada. Be prepared. Bring your passport to visit both parks. Also, be ready to meet some of the best people while hiking here.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

During my hikes, I met the nicest people. One of them was two moms hiking with their two babies at the continental divide, at Logan Pass.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

Another peaceful event was to meet a bride and groom on their wedding day. It is always my lucky day when I’m traveling and spot a bride and groom. Fortunately for me, I even got to hike with them a bit on the way to Logan Pass Outlook.

The Views In Glacier National Park

Many people told me, Glacier makes a life-long impression on the soul. I went to reset my perspective on life. Glacier National Park did precisely that. It is the right place to reset your barometer. I think the outstanding views of the Rocky Mountains, magnificent hidden lakes and waterfalls make the Park genuinely unique. The Park is correctly named the Peace Park. Glacier made me feel peaceful. It is the Crown of the Continent.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

Visit The Peace Park

Visit the Peace Parks because they have pristine lakes, mountains, and animals. Glacier Peace Park has over 700 miles to hike, and the conservatory has 10 million acres.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

Wild and untamed animals are abundant in this park. Bring your bear spray, especially in late August and fall when the bears are foraging in preparation of winter hibernation.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

On the Many Glaciers Lodge’s roads, I spotted Bighorn sheep.

Bears aren’t the only animal in the park. Bighorn sheep, Mountain goats, foxes, deer, and moose, are just some of the animals I saw while visiting.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

On a hike, I saw a moose walk by our group. The moose was munching the grass, ignored the hikers, while we gasped with excitement, the moose just kept walking and eatting.

Remember, at the higher the elevations, hikers are more likely to see more animals. Therefore, if you plan to hike at higher elevations such as a hike to Iceberg Lake, Logan Pass trails, or near Ptarmigan Tunnel and Ptarmigan Lake be prepared to see animals.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

Where to Stay at Glacier for Best Views

I liked the East side of the park. If you can get a place at Many Glacier that is my favorite place to stay. Swiftcurrent Motel and Cabins, select a motel room or cabin with a bathroom.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

Swiftcurrent Motel and Cabins stay at Glacier for Best Views

Some of Glacier’s for Best Views Are From the Rooms

These are my favorite accommodation. Third place is The McDonald Lake Lodge. Choose a room at McDonald Lake Lodge or in a cabin.

Glacier National Park Itinerary - West, East and North East Glacier

Remember Lodges are old, so if you have a nosy guest, it might keep you awake at night. I will say most people go to bed early.

I loved my cabin. Remember, at hotels and lodges, they are old. Although they are beautiful, because they are old, you may hear a noisy neighbor. If you can stay at any of the Glacier lodges, you will love the experience. I recommend staying away from dorm rooms and facilities without private bathrooms (toilets).

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

This is the peaceful view from the McDonald Lake Lodge veranda.

Why Visit the Peace Park

I love to hike. My reason for visiting the Peace Park was to hike. As you can see, the views are spectacular. The quietness was serene. The experience is therapeutic and healed my worries.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

Relaxing at Iceberg Lake is worth the 9.7 miles at 1275 Feet elevation and gain of 263 gain.

Don’t take too many photos. Taking to many photos will destroy your memories of the park. If you don’t believe me, read this for more information about what happens when you overdo the selfies and snapshots.

Travel tip: remember to follow the same rules of the road. At National Parks, follow all the laws of the road. Don’t speed, drive with your lights on, and follow parking rules.

Glacier National Park, Why Visit the Peace Park

Follow the rules of the road, including parking rules, or you will get a parking ticket.

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