Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland Yesterday and Today

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Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland

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They say that Guinness beer is only as good as the tap it’s. There is no better tap then the one at the original Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Therefore, I had to see for myself and took the Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland to experience it for myself.

Taste of Ireland, St John Street, Guinness Beer Tour

The fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland is worth your time while in Dublin. The interactive displays illustrate the fine art of beer brewing some say the best beer in the world. Located on St John Street, the exhibition was interactive, educational, and entertaining. The first part of the tour introduces visitors to the founder, Arthur Guinness.

The Fifth Ingredient was Arthur Guinness

Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland

Learn the Secrets on the Guinness Beer Tour

The secret of Guinness’ success is the experience. Like the beer, the Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour is an interactive experience that uses lights, sound, and movement to keep visitors entertained as they learn about the Guinness process.

The Guinness Beer Tour Mechanics Of Brewing

Next, the demonstration shows you the facility demonstrates beer brewing.  This part includes the barrels and tanks where they concoct brew. On top of being practical, it is. The colors and smells entice the visitor and draw them into the displays.

Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland

Milling and Mashing the Grains on the Guinness  Beer Tour

Brewing beer isn’t something I know anything about when I started the tour. How to brew is not something I know how to do. I didn’t realize that milling and mashing a grain was part of brewing beer. The demonstration showed that the high-quality grains used are the art of Guinness’s secret to success. Temperature and storage also affect the taste of beer.

Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland

Conversion Process

As I said, I knew nothing about brewing beer. After the water and grains are mashed and milled. I learned yeast makes sugar in to alcohol. How did anyone ever think of this process? Remarkably, we have a beer, let alone, a family developed the Guinness brown, almost think heavy, tasty brew, that is exceptionally unique.

Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland

Learn to Pour on the Guinness Beer Tour

Some say that Guinness is only as good as the tap, poured from, and if it is well maintained. On tour, we learned there is another factor to the pour, and that is the person pouring Guinness has to know how to pour it correctly. As part of the tour, everyone learns how to pour a proper Guinness. I learned and was very proud of myself when I got an approving smile from the Guinness man in the photo below. He was our teacher.

Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland

The Final Step On the Guinness Beer Tour

If you like beer, you will like this tour. As you progress through the demonstrations, the warm colors, quick-moving presentations move you through the displays. As you proceed with the flow of the crowd, the end is near. The exhibition has about seven floors. The highlight of the tour is the top floor. On the top floor is the Gravity Bar,

Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland

Adult Beverages, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, and Paper Straws

If you don’t like traditional Guinness, they offer a lighter beer on tap that is a Pilsner. Everyone served must be 21 years old. If kids are with you on your tour or if you don’t want an alcoholic beverage, the bar offers non- alcoholic drinks too. The best parts of the Gravity Bar are the friendly people you will meet, the chilled out atmosphere and the magnificent views from the tip =-top bar. On the windows, the history and sights of Dublin are called out. Therefore, there is something for everyone on this tour. Don’t miss it when you are in Dublin.

Fabulous Guinness Beer Tour, a Taste of Ireland

Travel tip: Don’t drink and drive in Ireland. Irelands have very strict drinking and driving laws and enforces DUI laws.

Let me know if you have taken this magnificent tour and if you have suggestions or comments about Dublin. We would love to hear from you. It would be helpful for all of us to hear from you.

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