Volunteering Ramallah to Meet the Remarkable Ramallah Women

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Meet the Remarkable Ramallah Women

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When I went to Ramallah, I had an enjoyable experience. It was a remarkable experience because I meet the met the Remarkable Ramallah Women. My visit to Ramallah, Palestine changed my view about Ramallah and Ramallah women and women in the Middle East. My opinion changed because of this trip. It changed because Elias introduced me to several women in Ramallah who were instrumental to the economy and society in Ramallah. We met female shopkeepers, administrators, and clergy. At a TV station and a radio station, we met working women. Finally, Reverend Brown reminded me that  90% of the workers in Ramallah are female. Because of this, my point of view changed.

Ramallah Women

I believe women in the Middle East are changing the Middle East. I think they will bring stability to the region. In Ramallah and the Middle East, women don’t fit my typical stereotype. Their roles today are quickly evolving.

Women of Palestine

Perhaps, the Ramallah Women of Palestine control their social and economic future. These photos might explain my point of view. Maybe it will impress you to see how the Ramallah women live. Most importantly, they don’t have an easy life. But the women make an enormous contribution to society.

Many women are working in Ramallah Palestine, Ramallah Women

Many women are working in the tv station at Ramallah, Palestine

Ramallah Women Are TV Newscast Anchors

Anchors at a TV station in Ramallah, Palestine, Ramallah Women

Reporters at a television station in Ramallah, Palestine

Ramallah Women Are Production Staff

Ramallah Women Production staff at a TV station in Ramallah, Palestine,Women of Ramallah

Production staff at a television station in Ramallah, Palestine

Palestinian Working Women and Development

Here is an organization that embraces women in all roles. The Palestinian Working Women and Development, (PWWSD) is one of the largest women’s non-governmental agencies. The PWWSD operates in Palestine. The goal of the organization “goal is to build a democratic Palestinian society based on gender equality, social justice and respect for human rights.”

PWWSD empowers women. Therefore, this organization and many people believe, that women’s right is the cornerstone to liberating Palestine from Israel. They believe women are the foundation for a democratic, sovereign Palestinian state.  

You can read about the PWWSD here  The PWWSD

Ramallah Women

Ramallah Women – Feminist Central for Palestine

Ramallah is a relaxed city. The community is a mix of religiously conservatives and liberals. Alcohol is available. People regularly attend movies. They eat in restaurants and cafes.  Educated at the best University, the women are successful and contribute to society as homemakers and business people. They are stylish and well dressed. Some women are covered, and some aren’t. Women own businesses. They hold professional positions in Ramallah. They hold positions that I believe most women in the USA would like to have. But something is very different too. The areas that are different are obvious to me.

Ramallah Girl and Ramallah Women

Then I spotted the girl in my cover photo for this post. She walks with her head down. Her face looks at the street. I recall several other pictures I took. The women and girls, looking down as they walk, It is noticeable. Females and the girls turn their face away from passing cars. I hadn’t observed this until I saw the women of Ramallah.


Please think about this. How often do you see women or girls walking with their face down? Isn’t this noticeable?

Therefore, given my observations, do you think Palestinian women will be in the next ten year?

It seems to me women hold their future and their countries future in their hands.

In conclusion, it seems to me women are their future. Their country’s future is in their hands.

Ramallah Women Girl walking while looking down at the ground in Ramallah, Palestine,Women of Ramallah

Girl walking while looking down at the ground in Ramallah, Palestine

Wall Surrounding Ramallah

Ramallah Women

View of Ramallah

Ramallah Women

Guard Tower Leaving Ramallah

Ramallah Women My greatest hope is that more people can see how Palestinians live. If you could see, if for yourself, you could decide if it is fair. It just seems to me, whenever a Wall is built, the wrong message is sent. It seems to me that regardless, of past history it’s time to give peace a chance and to learn new ways to live in peace.

I believe water and health care is something everyone is entitled to in life. When I travel, I can see for myself, I dont have to have the news agency filter what I should think. What I would like to think is we are all humans and deserve basic himan rights and dignity.

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  1. Cosmina

    September 21, 2017 at 6:38 am

    The issues you are mentioning Mike are the ones we only know about Middle East. It is good to know there’s more to know about that area.

  2. Michele Bunn

    April 7, 2016 at 10:47 am

    Thank you for this great article Kate. I had no idea women in Ramallah were so empowered to control their working destiny. Yet, then we have the girl who is walking facing down for fear of looking at someone the “wrong” way. Our cultures are so very different yet we must know and begin to understand each other – Jews, Muslims and Christians alike must first learn in order to understand. Travel articles like yours help to increase learning. Thank you.

    • Kate

      April 7, 2016 at 10:57 am

      Thanks Michele, I appreciate your point of view. When I travel, I try to learn about the people who live there. No one group is all good all bad. I just hope the articles brings understanding. My articles aren’t intended to be political or to take sides. My hope is to share my experience. Hopefully, we can bridge the divide some day.

  3. Mike Allen

    April 6, 2016 at 8:26 am

    Why didn’t you talk about the polygamy, wife beatings, older men marrying 12-13 year old girls, killing of homosexuals and Christians, and on and on. You mean you didn’t know this about Muslims???? Give me abreak.

    • Kate

      April 7, 2016 at 8:46 am

      Why would I write about something I have never seen there. Why don’t we talk about Domestic violence in the USA? That I have seen and experienced.

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