Polish Food - Poland Knows How to Serve up Polish Comfort Food

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I Love Polish Comfort Food

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When I went to Poland, I realized that the country is a land of comfort food. I want to share photos of all the food I ate because I love Polish comfort food!. I am not going to share the restaurants names but most of them are farm to table fresh. The beauty of Polish food is it is simply delicious and I hadn’t thought of Polish food as fine cuisine. It is excellent. Hopefully, you can visit Poland in the Fall, Winter or Spring – when your appetite is bigger.

Polish Comfort Food – Fills My Soul

There are three categories of food places in Poland. First, there are milk kitchens, a left over from the Communist era. The dishes are simple. Here is an example of bulgar wheat and chipped beef.

polish comfort food

Milk Bar serves Milk Dishes

These are local storefronts that are the simplest places you will ever see. Many of the dishes are made with milk because, during Communist times, local milk provided the protein in the Polish diet. Metal tables and chairs. If you are lactose intolerant, some food won’t work for your diet. Even for the milk haters, there is still lots to eat, but the menu is more limited.

polish comfort food

Basic Polish Food is Simple

Sometimes, customers share tables. All the dishes are local. The menu varies daily based on what is available in the market and made in large batches.

Polish Milk Bar

Come with cash. If you don’t have cash, there is an ATM in the milk bar. The employees are here to serve hot food, fast and cheap. This is Poland’s version of fast food. Patrons line up the hostess takes the order, and the customer picks up their food at the order pick up window – there is no table service at the milk bar.

polish comfort food

What is Polish Comfort Food?

The second kind of restaurant is the local cafe/restaurant. Now, this can be a sweet shop, a bakery, or a Karaoke bar cafe. One of my favorites offered a half goose with two sides for under $10. Every night it was perfectly cooked. Cabbage, boar, served in a bread bowl is an example of Polish comfort food.

polish comfort food

Local Food and Local Taste

Many of these restaurants have an ethnic influence. Many Polish restaurants have a Jewish influence. These local Polish cafes offer food catering to the taste of their local clientele.  The Polish people love waffles.

polish comfort food

Traditional Polish Food

The third type of restaurant are traditional, higher-end dining experiences with lots of ambiance, and sentimentality, in the tradition of historical Polish culture. Below is one of my favorites, goose.

polish comfort food

Nouvelle Cuisine Polish Style

The dishes are prepared traditionally according to the taste of the Polish people. The exception here is in some cases, and these restaurants may offer a nouvelle cuisine in Polish style.

polish comfort food

Eat Polish Comfort Food

polish comfort food

When to Eat Polish Food

Anytime is the best time to eat Polish food. I ate all the time when I was in Poland, but didn’t gain a pound because I walked so much. You will love Poland. Hopefully, you will see it in cold weather to enjoy the best of farm to table food which is the only way the Polish people serve up these delicious meals.

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