Best Solo Female Travel Considerations: Safer Now or Not

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Best Travel Considerations -Should You Travel or Not?

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When I am out and about, and someone finds I have traveled to some of the more unusual places in the world, people always seem to ask, “what are the things I should think about when traveling? Are there best travel considerations that individuals and especially single women should follow?” Yes, there are some things to consider when going, so you always feel safe and pick the best place for you. Maybe find my Best Travel Considerations.

Best Travel Considerations – To Travel or Not to Travel?

So if we start at the top – there are 12 places Americans can’t travel. So let’s cross them off the list.  Please don’t go to places that S.T.E.P. doesn’t recommend for Americans to travel. What we all want is to feel safe. No one is actually safe on any given day anywhere in the world. If you follow this advice, you might be able to stay off of CNN and the national nightly news. No assurances or guarantees from me, though.


Ready to travel?

Risky Behaviors

Over the years, crazy risky behaviors have gotten solo travelers, men, and women in to trouble. In the sixties, solo women, men and sometimes couples hitchhiked across Turkey or hiked Pakistan or Iran. Those days are long gone. For that matter, studying in Paris for a year aboard may be considered ‘dangerous’ travel because of the recent terrorist bombings. I think it’s always been risky to travel, especially solo. But, is it never safe even in your hometown? There are risks at home in the states just as there are traveling abroad. My advice is, don’t make stupid choices and partake in risky behavior. That means do not drink alone in a bar or walking down small side streets in the late at night.

Best Travel Considerations tip: do not drink alone in a bar or walk down small side streets in the late at night

Strong Solo Female Travelers

The fact is now women are stronger, have more rights and are more confident. Simply put, women in today’s culture are more self-reliant than ever. It’s also true there are some pretty crazy radical people out there that want to hurt others. They may be in your hometown, or where you are traveling. Crazy people can be sitting next to you on a subway or bus. Take care and be aware.  Dress for success – not that the lovely black dress isn’t perfect for a club, just be aware.

Best Travel Considerations tip:  Wear Modest Dress when traveling.

Best Travel Considerations

Solo female traveler considerations

Question: Should I Visit ‘Dangerous’ International Destinations?

Travelers must consider if they might be at risk in certain destinations overseas, but not all environments abroad pose health or illness concerns. Despite a flurry of recent issues escalating travelers’ anxiety – from the Zika virus to terrorism –  make informed, rational trip-planning decisions.

Resort destinations in Mexico are consistently best. STEP has some travel restrictions in Mexico so check before you book a reservation. Solo women travelers can enjoy their best trip as long as they stay within their resort or a populated, patrolled hotel zone.

Use STEP for Safe Travel Considerations

Mexico, like other international destinations, requires basic common sense to have your best trip such as staying aware of your surroundings, knowing the laws of the country, and avoid exploring unfamiliar places on your own. To maximize your safety, enroll in the State Department’s free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program online by answering a few quick questions, and you will receive great information on the country you’re planning to visit. You can even subscribe to country-specific lists to receive the latest travel alerts and advisories.

Best Travel Considerations, best-travel-considerations

Enroll in your state’s STEP program

Question: Should I Travel on My Own?

Traveling on your own brings its unique set of challenges, pleasures, and it doesn’t mean it can’t – or shouldn’t be – done. Solo travel is on the rise, and companies are slowly catching up with demand. There are an increasing number of options for solo women or men who want to explore on their own. In fact, a 2014 study conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons revealed that 81 percent of adults ages 45 and older planned to travel on their own in the following 12 months, and 37 percent reported taking a previous solo trip.

Solo travel isn’t that unusual anymore. It’s the fastest-growing segment of travel. The number of solo trips has steadily climbed recently, with 1 in 5 going alone for her (his) most recent vacation, according to a 2015 Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, which surveyed 13,603 travelers across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The study also found that travelers tend to focus on a particular destination, but they are flexible and spontaneous regarding activities on their itineraries. Being on your own certainly, shouldn’t keep you from traveling.

When Traveling Make New Buddies

Best Travel Considerations, best-travel-considerations

making friends while traveling

Question: Is it Wise to Visit Hot Locations or Exotic Countries in the Summer or During the Rainy Season?

When the weather is not optimal, prices can drop dramatically. I want to caution that inclement weather can ruin trips. For example, the Caribbean’s bad weather during the off-season can create tons of hassles, from flight disruptions, transportation limitations and, closed attractions during off-peak times. Most likely, fewer crowds, lower rates, special offers and a better value are available for those on a budget. Finally, if you plan a trip to an exotic destination during the rainy season, savings can be significant, but it might not be worth it if you can’t see any of the sites due to stormy weather.

Most likely, you’ll enjoy a five-star experience at a three-star price, as long as you can put up with the off-season inconveniences. So make sure you research the location and know what the down side is before you book. No one wants a vacation that you want to forget.

Best Travel Considerations, best-travel-considerations

Beautiful sights while traveling

Best Travel Consideration – Best Destination

Costa Rica


Hallstatt, Austria

Europe’s National Parks


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Lastly, go with one of our preferred Travel Tour groups. You can’t go wrong on a well designed Tour.

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