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Travel Packing List

Packing Light, Travel Right On Your Next Vacation

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When I think about packing light, I am conflicted because I want to look good in my photos, but, carrying a big piece of luggage isn’t for me. My carry-on bag and a camera bag are always with me. I don’t check luggage. As a regular traveler, here are my latest packing tips for packing light and right for any length trip. I look at trips as three-day ventures. Then I recycle and mix and match what I have in my bag.

Packing Light and Traveling Right Advice

It’s essential not to over pack or to pack expensive items. Additionally, it’s essential to pick a color range so that everything will mix and match. If lost, can you live without it? Is it precious and sentimental? If so, don’t take it on vacation.

Ultimate 2017 Packing Check List, Clothing List for Female Travelers

Pack a Simple Wardrobe

It depends on where I’m going and weather will play a part in the types of clothing or shoes I bring, but this is the light packing list I abide by it.

  1. Pick a single color to go with more neutral items. That way, you look stylish, and it is easy to mix and match your pieces.
  2. Scarf –  I use one with a secret pocket that keeps my wallet safe, warm and looks great
  3. Purse – Something small and fold-able.
  4. Undergarments – Two sports bras, one regular bra, five pairs of underwear, and three pairs of socks that is all you need, washing is easier than carrying too much stuff.
  5. Tops – Three blouses, a mixture of short and long sleeve depending on the weather.
  6. Bottoms – One skirt, one dress, one maxi dress or skirt, and two pairs of pants (yoga and jeans). I don’t recommend bringing shorts as there are many places they aren’t acceptable to wear.
  7. Workout clothes – Pack one workout top and one workout bottom.

Put these On Top

  1. Outerwear – 1 sweater, one packable vest, and one packable down jacket that matches everything.
  2. Swimwear- A bathing suit and swim cover-up.
  3. Shoes -I wear my boots on the plane, flip flops, outdoor shoes, one pair of running shoes, and a pair of slippers you could wear on the plane
  4. Sleep outfit – I always bring a pair of lounge pants and sweatshirt with a zipper to wear to breakfast, casually around the hotel, or my room when I am relaxing.

For additional packing lists, check out my free downloadable PDFs Packing Your Purse List Here and Packing List Simple Wardrobe pdf.

What else to bring

  1. Medication – If overseas travel in your plan, bring your immunization record to be safe.
  2. Electronic Gear – Plugs, adapters, chargers, cords, Kindle, and cell phone.
  3. Camera – I keep my camera in my carry-on.
  4. Journal – I like to take a journal to take notes and write about my feelings and impressions.
  5. Documents – passport, visa, itinerary, hotel reservations.
  6. Travel Protection Gear
  7. New bag – I bring an empty extra packable case or backpack for groceries and other things.

If you are looking for a general travel packing list, take a look at this free downloadable Packing General Packing Gear pdf.

Cosmetics and Skin Care

Pack minis, trial size cosmetics, or purchase travel cosmetics. Pack a variety of travel-friendly deluxe samples, ampoule pads, and sheet masks for natural skin care on-the-go when traveling.

By keeping my cosmetics in travel-friendly sizes in a single location and a bag, I can easily find them.

Purse Packing List

I have a small bag, which folds up to an envelope size by Longchamp. I bought mine at duty-free and on Amazon. They are the same price, how does Amazon do it? I compiled this list based on what I typically need the most when I’m out and about.

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Wipes/hand sanitizer
  3. Small Plastic bags
  4. Cell phone charger
  5. 2 Passport pictures- If you are traveling out of the country.
  6. Converter
  7. Money- Credit cards, ATM card, and cash.
  8. Chapstick
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Pen
  11. Kleenex
  12. Glasses

Download Your Packing List

Download the Packing Your Purse List Here.

Packing Light Travel Right

Wear Heavy Items

It’s not practical to wear your lightest clothing when traveling and pack the heaviest. I always bring a jacket or a hoodie on the plane—it’s easy to carry on, saves luggage space, and comes in handy as a blanket or pillow.

In the winter, I do a little advance travel planning. I love my packable Patagonia down jacket; I can bundle it up into a teeny small drawstring bag if I’m not wearing it, and it keeps me incredibly warm.

Packing Light Travel Right

Secure Packing

If I want a reliable backpack that is extremely hard to steal and break into, go for this Pacsafe. I take my Poler backpack with me everywhere. Inside it is my purse and other things. This bag makes me feel secure when traveling, especially when you are traveling overseas.

Packing Light Travel Right

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