Solo Female Travel Tips - Sultanahmet Istanbul Glorious Food

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Travel Tip – Finding Sultanahmet Istanbul Glorious Food

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Moses and I were in Sultanahmet Istanbul when we went for our lunch celebration! My splurge is to indulge myself with excellent food whenever I’m in Istanbul. My budget had a little extra for treats and gift meals or what we call entertainment expenses. To me, a beautiful meal is worth every penny.

Fiding Sultanahmet, Istanbul Glorious Food

Moses was able to pay back the loan and the money he needed to get through the off-season. We celebrated that Moses paid back his merchant loan.  Somehow our ‘rabbits and bears’ philosophy and teamwork plan achieved the impossible. We went to dinner and I surprised him. When I went to the bathroom I paid the bill. I didn’t want him to pay so I couldn’t do it at the table because it might embarrass him. I surprised my merchant and restaurant owner, friend, by giving him the gift of a great meal, sort of ‘restaurateurs holiday.’

Surprised, my friend and gave him the gift of a meal

Giving a gift when traveling with a dear friend, a good companion, or to an acquaintance is important and a sign of trust. I gave the gift of a meal because Moses’ family owns a restaurant. Sometimes restaurant owners eat at friends’ restaurants, but they don’t go out much. They tend to want to have an excellent meal at home.

Unlike a lot of people, Moses was able to receive my gift. We loved Four Seasons in Sultanahmet, Istanbul.

Giving gifts when you travel

Look on internet websites for gift suggestions that are cultural fitting for your situation. First determine if it’s appropriate for people to give gifts to someone of the opposite gender, or same sex or if it would be an insult to the receiver. One time when I went to Egypt, I bought watches from Costco to the mother and daughter I was visiting. I didn’t bring a gift for the father because it was inappropriate both culturally and religiously.

Moses and I feasted on lunch

I had salmon and Moses had lamb. He was glad that I didn’t order for him. He doesn’t like salmon at all — it’s my favorite. We were very different, but the best of friends. Sometimes opposites attract. He explained to me that he didn’t like Salmon, it was an acquired taste, and he hadn’t acquired it yet.

We were very different, but the best of friends. Sometimes opposites attract

Istanbul, Turkey, Sultanahmet Istanbul Glorious Food

Sultanahmet Istanbul Glorious Food

Istanbul Turkey


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