20 Best Mosques in Istanbul for Solo Female Travel on Holiday

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Visit The Best Mosques in Istanbul

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Here is some advice on Mosques in Istanbul and how to be prepared for easy sightseeing. Some mosques will offer you things to wear to cover up and scarves, but I prefer to be prepared and use my clothing. Mosques are Free and Open to Public in Istanbul.

Top 6 Mosques in Istanbul

What to Wear

During prayer service, if you aren’t Muslim, you can’t enter the mosques. If you are a woman, plan to wear a scarf to cover your head, shoulders and arms, additionally your chest needs to be covered. Both women and men must have their knees covered and must dress modestly to enter a mosque.

How to Speak

Enter the mosque with reverence. If you are speaking, speak in a whisper. This is very hard to do because of the acoustics. Your voice will carry, and everyone is likely to hear your conversation.

Remember, many people understand English around the world, so watch what you say. Even though you think people can’t hear you or understand you, be aware. I have seen ugly things happen and insults taken because tourists didn’t understand that they were heard and understood.

My favorite views of the mosques in Istanbul.

Mosques in Istanbul

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque)

Mosques in Istanbul

Park in front of the Blue Mosque

There is a restaurant with great view of the Blue Mosque with cheap eats. Try it, it will keep you on budget

  View of Blue Mosque from Doy Doy Restaurant

The Doy Doy is a great restaurant; very inexpensive. A great view of Blue Mosque is served from the upper deck, but no alcohol is available.

New Mosque

Mosques in Istanbul

The Nuruosmaniye Mosque is located next to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Mosques in Istanbul

Leaving the Grand Bazaar, walk through this gate and continue walking.
The Nuruosmaniye Mosque is to the left

This mosque is very light and airy and feels pure. The color scheme is white, blue and gold.

Because I had taken the time to dress properly, I was allowed in while other Westerners weren’t. This was during prayer time, and I got a rare look inside.

This photo was taken during the message part of the worship, not during prayer.

Mosques in Istanbul

Suleymaniye Mosque 

Mosques in Istanbul

Mosques in Istanbul

Süleymaniye Mosque

Entrance to the shrine.’

Eyup Sultan Mosque (Eyup Sultan Camii)

Mosques in Istanbul

Bride and her friend, Mosques in Istanbul

Eyup Sultan Mosque (Eyup Sultan Camii)

Circumcision Ceremony and Silver Foot-steps

The ceremony

bride and groom, Mosques in Istanbul, bride and groom, Mosques in Istanbul

Christian churches

Visit churches in the same neighborhood to compare the architectural similarities and differences between churches and mosques while you are there.

bride and groom, Mosques in Istanbul
Here is a list of

Christian churches in Istanbul

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