How to Find the Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul

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How to Use the Mobile Municipal Police Officers In Istanbul

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The Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul make tourism their priority. Istanbul’s priority is to protect tourists and merchants from scams. Additionally, the government relies on Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul to keep the tourist safe.  Istanbul and Turkey want tourism. They value the economic prosperity that countries provide Turkey’s tourism trade and want it to remain healthy. Istanbul wants visitors to come back year after year. The mobile municipal officers provide day to day security in the Sultanhamet area for tourist to help ensure the tourism industry improves its health. Safety is Istanbul’s Top Priority because, without it, the Turkish government won’t have this valuable economic resource.

Mobile Municipal Police Officers In Istanbul

Mobile municipal officers in Istanbul monitor tourists security and safety. It’s remarkable they do this because not many cities work this hard to protect tourism and the travel industry.

First, the Turkish tourism sector needs to succeed because it’s the major industry and heart of the country’s economy. Secondly, Istanbul is a world class city, for you and old, solo female travelers, solo travelers and travelers 50 plus at every stage of life.


Istanbul has diverse activities. Surely, everyone can find endless things to see, do and experience in Istanbul. Don’t be surprised when local Turkish people invite you to tea or to enjoy a home cooked meal. Istanbul and Turkey is a place where everyone enjoys famous Turkish hospitality.  Try not to let people’s hospitality trick you into buying things you don’t need or want. Some shop owners are desperate to sell their merchandise. So they may do some tricky things to get you to buy from them. Turkey is open for business, regardless of the terrorism that they have recently experienced in July 2016. 

The Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul try very hard to maintain Turkeys strong reputation. They are here to help keep when you are in Istanbul and support tourism. Their goal is to maintain the tourism business by keeping it friendly, hospital, and respected.

How to use Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul

Unfortunately, scams happen every day in every tourist city. Istanbul’s scams aren’t unique. What’s unique is that Istanbul tries to work to keeping the tourist safe and they believe they do more than most cities to keep tourist safe.

Political Climate

In today’s political climate, many feel Turkey is unsafe. Of course, it is true that some areas are not safe. The refugees aren’t the cause of the safety concerns, but rather Turkish criminal elements make it unsafe. Just like any town, and in some rural areas, it can be unsafe. However, the Turkish government wants Tourism and Tourist to return! As of writing this post, the Turkish government wants to keep tourist safe and returning to Istanbul.

First, let me share that hotel rates are very low. The streets are not crowded

The Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul protect

  1. Tourist
  2. Legitimate Merchants
  3. The reputation of Istanbul
  4. Istanbul’s Brand
  5. Security and Safety of everyone

Istanbul mobile municipal officers

These top 5 reasons for Istanbul mobile municipal officers are designed to keep you safe. Istanbul wants tourism and seeks to protect the tourist. Don’t believe the hype on TV. Istanbul is open for business. Here the city does more to protect travelers. One example is the Mobile Municipal Police Officer unit. The protect tourist against tourism scams. Tourist scams aren’t unique to Istanbul. 

Bad Characters

However, the city is home to people who ‘work’ the visitors to get a little extra cash. They seem to do a great job scamming women with “boyfriend scams.”  Hey, the “I want to be your boyfriend scams happen in the USA too. Sometimes, the scammers, scam sells over priced products for shopkeepers.  Sometimes the shopkeepers are the scammer. The shopkeeper may try to hustle you and deliver the boyfriend scams.  Some merchants pay the Boyfriend scammer a commission to get you to buy from his store.


Be aware of scams. Scams are everywhere in Istanbul. Easy to use and simple to call, the Municipal Mobile Police Officer unit is ready to assist you even with the boyfriend scams. If you are lucky, they will speak pretty good English. Know how to recognize the cops.

Remember, if you are lucky, their English is good. Know how to recognize the police by looking at the photos in this article.

When to use Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul?

My advice is to use the mobile officers any time.  If you have a real problem, call Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul.

Or call your consulate and USA agent in your country. They are available for tourists in Sultanahmet area.

Call them for issues such as:

  1. Crimes such as theft, robbery, pickpockets
  2. Violence
  3. Security
  4. Safety
  5. If you are being bothered, followed, given attention you don’t want, selling merchandise you don’t want

What does the Mobile Municipal Police Officer Unit look like

Remember this photo below. The Officer’s are dressed in blue and zoom around on streets and sidewalks on these three-wheeled vehicles.

This picture is with permission, but I decided to blur in it intentionally to maintain his privacy.

Use the Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul

Ask your hotel or Mobile Municipal Police Officers In Istanbul

Your hotel can help you. They know about the Istanbul mobile officers. Hotels will call the tourist Municipal Police for you. For simple problems, ask your hotel staff for help. The hotel employees and your tour agency are advocates for you. They have a vested interest in your safety and the pleasantness of your stay. Your hotel also wants a high rating from you on social media sites. Most hotel owners and staff genuinely want their guests to have a fabulous experience.

Trust your hotel and ask them for help if you need:

  • Anything that is uncomfortable about my room
  • Requesting a guide
  • Booking cruises and tours
  • Safe Neighborhoods
  • Things to see

Don’t Get Lost

Whenever you can, remember to take a business card from the hotel so you can get directions back to the hotel. Even if you don’t speak your language, people help with directions. I even have had people walk out of their way to make sure I got back safely.

Restaurant Recommendations

Sometimes I ask for restaurant recommendations. But in Istanbul, hotels get a commission for referrals to restaurants. So sometimes the restaurant isn’t worthy of the recommendation. Sometimes the Trip Advisor recommendations aren’t entirely legitimate. It’s a total waste of time to have a bad meal in Istanbul because the restaurants are great and inexpensive. Walk around and see which one interests you. If you see a lot of local people, frequented by locals, it has to be good. Enjoy your time in Istanbul. The hospitality is excellent, the Mobile Municipal Police Officers in Istanbul feel its purpose is to keep you safe and is designed to ensure you have a magnificent time.

Remember no one keeps you safe but you – so always pay attention, alert, and aware. 

Happy and Safe Travels

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