Discover Power & Jewish History at Masada Israel-

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Discover Your Power at Masada, Israel

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When remembering Jewish History, they say the road to Masada Israel is the route or trail of the snake. As I drive from the Dead Sea up the winding road to Masada, I realize how determined the ancient Jews are to find this remote location. Remarkably, the paved road and switchbacks finally deliver me to the retreat. Remember, that walking the route which is done by many visitors is a very hard hike. The road is steep, and the heat is scolding. My early arrival makes me the third car in the underground parking. For travelers 50 plus, be in good shape if you walk to Masada. I can’t imagine taking this trip by foot.  Probably, a donkey or camel is better for me.

Masada Israel Symbolizes Jewish Strength

Going early, alone, made me think about how determined the Jewish people were that began this religious settlement. Masada’s citizens wanted separation from the real world. They were seperated because location is remote and isolated. This same determination enabled the ancient Jewish people of Masada to stand firm on their beliefs against the Roman and to die for their beliefs.

The heat in this desert and blazing sun are unyielding. I started early to avoid the heat of the day and other tourists. You will need a hat, sunscreen, and clothing that is cool and protects your skin from the sun.


A little background on this UNESCO World Heritage site and Jewish history which always includes the story of Masada, their heroic stand against the Romans.

Masada was Herod’s royal citadel and later the last outpost of Zealots during the Jewish Revolt. The citadel was a site of the most dramatic and symbolic act in Jewish history, where rebels chose mass suicide rather than submit to Roman capture

Masada Israel

As the Sun Rose

There are two ways to get to the top of Masada.
Option 1 is to hike the trail if you are fit enough and want a serious workout.

Option 2 is the tram if you are chilled and want to relax.

Masada Israel

Tram View

You will enjoy the view and either way.

Masada Israel

Breathtaking View Masada Isreal

I took the tram. Even early in the morning, it is already too hot for me to hike the mountain.

Masada Israel

Ancient Ruins

Here is what I saw at Masada, Israel. I saw the ancient ruins.

Masada Israel


The tourist and tours at Masada, Israel are pretty aggressive today. The visitors act entitled and push other people, like me. I think these tourists, were just rude people. As I walk behind another tour, I eavesdropped. Lucky for me, I eavesdropped and learned some interesting facts about the site. However, after reading the exhibition plaques about this historic location, the quiet walk in silence, the breathtaking views feels spiritual to me. My recommendation is this would be a good place to take a tour. Today, there were only a few tourists and tours at Masada.

Masada Israel

Home – Masada Israel

Along the old benches at one of the Masada homes, I stop to rest in the shade. Dreaming, sitting on the bench is unthinkable at most historic sites. It is inconceivable because the bench is a mosaic covered bench.

Masada Israel

Ancient Palace

I hike down the walkway to the palace. I think you have to be fit to see Masada even walking down a staircase or trail takes balance. The activity and exercise might hurt your knees, feet or affect your breathing if you have health issues.

Masada Israel

The bas-reliefs and fresco walls still in excellent condition are well preserved because of the Israeli government maintains the sacred site. They are breathtaking, and I stopped here for a while and admired how well preserved they are.

Masada Israel

Ideal of Beauty from Greco-Roman Period

Perfection! Stunning! A beautiful, exceptional view! The art at Masada Israel is amazing.

Masada Israel


This photo shows how the building construction.

Masada Israel

Stroll Take Your Time

Back at the top, I wandered through Masada and read the explanation of the site trying to find shade whenever possible.

Masada Israel


The photos say it all. Breathtaking.

Masada Israel

Cool Shade

Notice the shadows!

Masada Israel

I Love Shadows

Masada Israel


There are ancient mosaics in Masada, Israel. Therefore, the mosaics in Masada are unique because they are still in their original locations and untampered by looters.

Masada Israel

Lastly, Masada is memorable. I can’t image how meaningful it is to Jewish visitors knowing your people stood strong here defending their beliefs.

Use Caution When Driving Israel During Holy Holidays

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