Istanbul Tourist Conduct - Istanbul Greeting and Farewell Gifts

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Istanbul Greeting and Farewell Gifts

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In some countries, guests give greeting, and farewell gifts. In Istanbul Greeting and Farewell Gifts are the norm. For a few months, Zeki and I had been spending time together at By Moses. He had spent less time at the mosque studying since we were working together. We got to know each other and had fun together. He is the kind of person who always teaches me something. He was much calmer since he had developed a friendship with a lovely young lady.

Giving and Receiving Gifts in Istanbul

I was his new adopted mom and Zeki was my new adopted son. Zeki lived with his brother and his wife. They had taken care of him since his mom, dad, brother, and sister were lost in a car accident. We had fun talking about his studies, what he wanted to do in life, his hopes and that he might find his future wife. I was old enough to be his mom. He allowed me the honor to listen to him like a mom does to her son. To hear Zeki’s goals and dreams was my pleasure. A lot of our conversations were about his new lady friend. He told me what they did and small things that didn’t amount to much.

Istanbul Greeting and Farewell Gifts  – Giving a gift when traveling


At the time of Bayram, the spirit of the country is happy and festive. Everyone present gifts when celebrating with family during feasts days and festivals. We didn’t commemorate the feast because we were at the shop. Zeki and I spent the time talking about his future. I decided to give him a gift. It’s customary to give gifts in Istanbul when you say hello or goodbye, or for special occasions.

Istanbul Greeting and Farewell Gifts – Zeki, Moses and I had become like family


The Talk

One day Zeki and I were talking. We had one of our ‘mom-to-son talks,’ I said, “Zeki, you seem much calmer and less consumed with politics and tensions. Monkey the Cat is a sweet family member. You like the little accordion-playing girl that you give money. I wonder, is it time for you to have a family of your own? I think if your mother were here, she would ask you if this is the time to make things permanent now that you have met a fine young woman.”

Zeki agreed. It was a serious decision.

“If you are going to take it to the next level, you should talk to her father and bring a gift for him and her.” I suggested.

Zeki Thinks

Zeki thought I was right. Mothers help sons, and I helped Zeki. I suggested he give her a promised gift, and we would go together to buy the gift. It would be my treat like any mother would do for a son. I was leaving in two days, so this would be my gift to him. Hopefully, this gift would secure Zeki’s future and allow him to be engaged, so he and his friend could date. Zeki is not a rich man. He follows very strict Islamic customs, so he adheres to formal rules about dating and marriage.

Istanbul Greeting and Farewell Gifts – A goodbye gift

We went to the jewelry store, and I bought a watch for Zeki to give his girl to become seriously involved, the gift is called a ‘promise gift.’ The watch had a pink color to it. That night, he gave it to her. She loved it and accepted the watch. The are now able to date. They are happy. My Bayram celebration was excellent, a wonderful day. Knowing that my adopted son has balance in his life, things seem less strict for him, and he seems very happy, also makes me happy. I hope my farewell gift brings him, love.


Location, location, location, When you travel, there are so many wonderful places and sights to see, but I think that getting to know the people makes the experience even better. ‘Living Turkish’ and enjoying the food is great, but to me, getting to know real people and how they deal with day-to-day life is the most valuable part of travel.

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