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Hiking Sa Pa Vietnam

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Funny thing is the rain didn’t bother us when we were there. The truth is I didn’t even remember the rain until we looked back at my photos. I think the views and experience were so breathtaking that I forgot about the rain. I want to tell you all about hiking Sa Pa Vietnam. When it’s raining the temperature is warm. We never got cold, and we didn’t get drenched because of our Jolly Green Giant rain-slickers and our rain boots, borrowed from the hotel.

All About Hiking Sa Pa Vietnam When It’s Raining

Hiking Sa Pa Vietnam, Raining in Sa Pa Vietnam

Raining It’s Pouring The Old Man is Snoring

We came to Sa Pa with a rain slicker we bought in Hanoi. We had to step up our rain gear. The views were, so magnificent I didn’t remember the rain but from all my photos, it was raining a lot. It didn’t impact our trip. We took a shorter hike to the Black Mung Village. There are tours to Sa Pa; these might be beneficial for you but we found hiking and using local guides was very helpful and benefited the local people.

Our Hotel in Sa Pa was Sa Pa Paradise View

Recommend Code of Conduct for Tourist

Here are a few of the recommended codes of conduct. I looked online and found codes of conduct for tourist and organizations that protect against sex tourism. We found several signs posted in town warning tourist about their code of conduct. I wish they had these signs posted in all tourist cities. These simple suggestions are the same recommendations that the Mobile Municipal Police recommended and the Tourist police in Istanbul.


Yes, it was wet, the ground was soggy, but we were well prepared because our hotel lent us boots and we went out and bought two more rain slickers, that were more robust. Beautiful wet rice paddies and fields of crops such as indigo, pumpkins, and squash lined out walk. We even found sustainable organic restaurants in Sa Pa.


We hiked in Sa Pa by going into Fansipan mountain. We didn’t walk to the top of Fansipan Mountain.  The hotel booked our guide, and we meet our guide at the hotel. The local people live in these villages. We visited two villages. Our guide a woman from Black H’mong tribe. The other village was the Dao, which has a Chinese origin. Our guide took us around for several hours. Her tribe process indigo for a dye. The women and families weave cloth from hemp and sell their products to the tourists out of their homes as you walk through the village.

Slippery When Wet!

You can reserve a Sa Pa home stay in this village and live with the tribe for an emersion experience. After seeing where the location of a home stay, and the kitchen, we thought this might be a fun thing to do.  A homestay could be fun even in the rain. The houses were simple, clean, and the cooking experience that is included could make a homestay a very good time. Honestly, the people are friendly — I think a homestay would be a lot of fun. The homes are spotless and accommodate Western needs. Not sure if there is the internet at a Sa Pa home stay.

Next to her tribe was from the Dao village Chinese in origin, while her tribe was originally from Mongolia. She explained the two tribes still can’t communicate with each other because they don’t speak the same language even though they have lived in the valley for thousands of years. I bet they all speak English or Vietnamese.

Hiking Sa Pa Vietnam

Seriously it was raining a lot! We upgraded our rain gear for our hike. See the new super rainy day gear we bought for 150 VND for two about $3.00 each. KC says she looks like a giant, compared to our guide. I don’t think that is true. The guide was very small.

Hiking Sa Pa Vietnam, raining in Sa Pa Vietnam, Sa Pa Vietnam
Next Day – Hiking Sa Pa Vietnam

Hiking Sa Pa Vietnam, raining in Sa Pa Vietnam, Sa Pa Vietnam

The next day the sun came out. Yes, it was gorgeous. We hiked up Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa.  The easiest hike in Sa Pa.

We walked up Ham Rong Mountain through the local park that was a Vietnamese version of Disneyland to the radio tower; it was so much fun but wasn’t as spectacular as we expected. Along the way, KC celebrated the sun when it came out, as we walked up the mountain through the local park to the radio tower and the overlook, it was so much fun. KC celebrated with a Rocky victory stretch and a sun salutation pose.

Love Sa Pa

Hiking Sa Pa Vietnam, raining in Sa Pa Vietnam, Sa Pa Vietnam

Regardless of the rain, being tired, or any other obstacle it’s worth the trip to this region of Vietnam. They say that if you go to Sa Pa, you will experience all of Vietnam’s season in 48 hours. Seeing all of the seasons in a day made this part of the trip one of the best legs of our journey. The journey was majestic filled with great views, lovely people and visual treats that my camera couldn’t capture. I think you have to see it, to believe it. Bring a fish-eye lens to get the best photos.

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