Take a Berlin Boat Cruise On the Spree River for the Best Views of Berlin

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Berlin Boat Cruise On the Spree River for the Best Views

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Take a Berlin Boat Cruise down the Spree river to relax while seeing Berlin. Give your legs a rest. A Berlin Boat Cruise is perfect for solo travelers and travelers 50 plus. Berlin is a beautiful city with lots to do. Usually, the people on a cruise are a relaxed group of people because they get to rest their tired bones while sightseeing. The sightseeing was outstanding. English, German and Spanish are the most popular languages but, they offer books in every language to use so anyone can follow tour regardless of the language they speak.

Berlin Boat Cruise and the Spree River

The Berlin Boat Cruise Tour is a great way to see the sights, relax in a comfortable environment, and photograph the sites. You are sure to meet new people and to have a less strenuous sightseeing day. While on the tour Berlin weather can be terrible, so dress in layers, bring sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Berlin Boat Cruise

Spree River

The river is long and much of the city can be seen from the water. The river winds through the city and gently passes many historic sights. My tour started at the City Centre to Westhafen. It also included the Historic City Center. I took the morning half day tour. Generously, my tour ran a little longer than a half day. If you need to get off at a spot that is different than where you entered in Old Berlin, the boat will stop and let you off at any of their stops.

Berlin Boat Cruise

The Berlin architecture is contemporary and historic. All of the types of sights are visible, you will see walls, graffiti, monuments, and museums all from the river. In contrast, if you go to the Berlin Dom, the view of the Spree River looks like this and shows that the river is narrow and long.

Berlin Boat Cruise

The river swells during the rainy season. But even when it’s not raining, boats lower in the water in order to pass under the extremely low bridges.

Berlin Boat Cruise

Historic Buildings

Here is one of the historic buildings, the White Cross Memorial and German Parliment, Bundestag. We saw lots of protests while we cruised and saw a t.v. crew filming a commercial or a film piece. There is always a lot happening around this spot. Stay alert you never know what you might see.

Berlin Boat Cruise

Memorials From the Water

Loved seeing the great views and buildings from the Boat Cruise Tour from on the Spree. Here is the White Cross Memorial from the river.

berlin boat cruise, spree river

Reichstag building

berlin boat cruise, spree river

Water View

You might even catch the locals, watching you on your cruise. Don’t forget to wave back.

berlin boat cruise, spree river

Berlin Students

Watch, and wave. You’ll see student’s stage photo shoots and selfies. Funny thing is that you are the entertainment for them, and they are the entertainment for you.

berlin boat cruise, spree river

If you have travel advice about the Berlin Cruises please share what you know so we can add your thoughts to the best sights to see in Berlin.

Travel tip: Have fun by using all the different types of transportation in Germany.

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