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Animal Sightings in Alaska

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I love Alaska because amazing wild animals are everywhere. The Alaskan outdoors fascinates me. On my first day, I saw a moose. I highly recommend a visit as soon as possible! This was one of the best trips I have ever taken.

How to See the Amazing Wild Alaskan Animals

I was the driver on my Alaska trip and couldn’t always get great photos. But, better safe than sorry. If you pull over cautiously, you can still get some great shots even if you are a solo traveler and the driver of your rental car. Here is my moose video of this moose which we visited with on the side of the road.

Amazing Wild Alaskan Animals

Amazing Wild Alaskan Animals

Use Rental Cars and Campers to See Alaska Animals

If you don’t want to drive, take the buses or the trains. Both trains and buses can get you to Seward, Fairbanks, Denali, and the places you want to see.

Check out Costco for a rental car. For all the transportation options in one place check out Alaskan transportation. Camper vans, Northern Nomads, or North West Camper vans are an option if it fits your situation.

Summer in Alaska

It doesn’t get dark until very late during May through September. And even then, the light looks like dusk. Spring and summer are the perfect time to take your camera to Alaska to see and photograph wild Alaskan animals. Here is my Alaskan Itinerary.

Alaska Twilight During Summer and Spring

I suggest spending more time in Denali. Stay at Denali Bluffs Hotel or Grande Denali Lodge (whichever fits your budget). Below is a photo of the streets of Seward at 10:30 at night so you can do as much hiking and sightseeing as your body can handle because it’s light all the time.

night in seward in the summer

night in seward in the summer

Take a Cruise to See Kenai Fjords National Parks’ Animals

I used Major Marine Tour to go to the Kenai Fjords National Park. On the cruise to Kenai Fjords National Park, we saw whales, sea lions, and eagles. I made a very short whale video on our cruise. Whales don’t hang around on the surface of the water for long.

At the Kenai Airport Hotel, I spotted a moose and his/her pal eating near our car and 12 feet from our room.  Want to see my Keani moose video?

Amazing Wild Alaskan Animals

Amazing Wild Alaskan Animals

Travel tip: Bring plenty of DEET. The mosquitoes are big in Alaska, just like everything else.

Fishing In Alaska

Here is a short video about fishing for hooligans at Phantom Lake, Alaska and how the fishermen and cars just appeared. Watch out for fishing spots.

Denali Wild Alaskan Moose

Amazing Wild Alaskan Animals

Watch my Denali video to see the amazing landscape and beautiful mountains, and the  Denali National Park?

Alaskan Caribou

Amazing Wild Alaskan Animals

I can’t wait to go back to Alaska. Does anyone want to join me? Do you have any tips for my next trip? Next time I will do bungie jumping, river rafting, kayaking, fishing and a helicopter ride. I plan to do this in Denali and to stay again at the Denali Bluffs hotel or Grande Denali Lodge.

Read the post below, if you want to learn about Alaskan Cruises.

Alaska Princess Cruises for Solo Travelers

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