Favorite World Graffiti - Top 10 Street Art, Graffiti Photographs

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Top 10 World Graffiti Places

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On any given day art is all around us. Art, found in the most unusual places, is a pleasure to find. Typically, it’s found on walls inside buildings. But have you considered the art on signs, trains, buildings and under bridges? I love is taking photos of street art or graffiti. I am a graffiti hunter, below are some of my favorite street art and graffiti locations and the images.

Favorite World Graffiti – Top 10 Street Art

I hunt for street art for two reasons. To me, graffiti and street art is the people’s art, done out of love of the art form and the need to express. The second reason is it is beautiful to me.

Favorite Graffiti

World Graffiti - Top 10 Street Art

Sometimes public art is just writing on the wall that is protesting the latest political point of view. I love the movement, line, form, and design, or the style of the writing. The layers, the light and dark tones, how the layers make new letters, it’s the public calligraphy with words that don’t make sense.

Greece, Port of Piraeus

Top 10 Graffiti Spots in the World


Top Graffiti Sites in the World

Famous Graffiti Sites

Top Graffiti Sites in the World

Top Graffiti Sites in the World


Trains make great canvases for painters of public artworks.

Top Graffiti Sites in the World

Casablanca, Morocco

Top Graffiti Sites in the World


Top Graffiti Sites in the World

Feast of Eid – Ramallah, Palestine

This image marks that the butcher is making sacrifices today.

Rhodes, Greece

Top Graffiti Sites in the World

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This painting, marks potheads are here, good image don’t ya think?

Top Graffiti Sites in the World


Art in public places for the romance and passion of a fantasy. Even better it is huge and dominates the landscape making in your face, and for me, cheers me up to look at it.

Top Graffiti Sites in the WorldThose are my favorite World graffiti and top 10 Street art locations. Art is self-express, and communicates a desire for freedom, and survives beyond the person. To learn more about another city full of graffiti read my other posts.

Where do you think is the best graffiti and global street art is? Do you have a favorite piece? I found street art, graffiti, recently on a trip to Berlin and Dusseldorf.

street art

In Dusseldorf the graffiti is professionally done to enhance the building.

Why I Wanted to Photograph Palestine

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