Wenatchee River, Tumwater Canyon, Hiking & Photography

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Beautiful Hiking at Wenatchee River and Tumwater Canyon

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I am off to take a little road trip to go hiking. Road trips are one of my favorite things to do and what makes road trips fun for me are the random stops on the way to my destinations Tumwater Canyon at the Wenatchee was one of those unexpected stops and pleasures that come from taking road trips with friends.

Wenatchee River and Tumwater Canyon

We were road-tripping to Horse Lake trailhead, but along the way, Lee Jacobson who was driving asked my friend Janki and I if we wanted to stop at one of his favorite stops. We were up for anything so off we went. The water was pretty high and in the shade, it was cool on this sunny day. We were just happy to escape rainy Seattle weather!

Hiking, Wenatchee River, Tumwater Canyon

The calm of the water and rocky shores of Hiking, Wenatchee River, Tumwater Canyon

Across the Bridge

We walked down a short distance over some boulders with the rushing river on one side of the rocks and a calm area on the other side. Amazingly, the area is so clean!

Hiking, Wenatchee River, Tumwater Canyon

On the River Bed with Janki Patel

Hiking, Wenatchee River, Tumwater Canyon

Hiking, Wenatchee River, Tumwater Canyon

Fast moving rapid waters

Memories and Moments

One of the nicest parts of the trip was when Lee reminisced about a cup of chai tea. His honest comment helped me understand him better. Therefore, he made me appreciate that hiking is not only about the location, but, the people you are with while you hike. I could almost smell the tea by the way he explained the experience. More importantly, it helped me learn that hiking is about ‘“the moment.’ It’s not always about getting the best photograph (although that’s nice to have). Being present is why I like to hike – it’s where I forget my issues, and just breathe.

Janki ran along the bank and hopped onto the log that had fallen across the river. She posed for a picture, Lee snapped her with a giant smile on her face. It was a moment. Just one very nice moment.. . we had a lot of them on our hike today.

Hiking, Wenatchee River, Tumwater Canyon

The gang hiking

Walking to the Rivers Edge

As we walked out of the area, we spotted graffiti on the stones and bridges foundation. We are happy to report we didn’t see any trash, so people are carrying out whatever they bring with them.

Hiking, Wenatchee River, Tumwater Canyon

Hiking Graffiti

Travel tip: Try not to be in a rush, so you can enjoy the beauty of the location and the people you are with while hiking or traveling in general. I was glad I left my camera at home today. Looking back, I’m pleased I only had a cell phone. Without my Nikon, I wasn’t traveling on autopilot. Taking fewer photos, forced me to focus on the day and my new hiking friends.

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Hiking Horse Lake Trailhead in Wenatchee, Washington

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