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What to See and Do in Tel Aviv, Israel

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When I arrived in Tel Aviv Israel, I had a hotel reservation and no plans whatsoever. My guides recommended that I change to a different hotel. So I moved to the Alexander Hotel. The Alexander is centrally located, and one street away from the Tel Aviv public beaches and is a great location for a few days in Tel Aviv. The hotel is only one block away from boardwalk shopping with lots of beachfront restaurants, the bus tour and a long walk to Jaffee.

Tel Aviv Israel – Best Things to See. Great Beaches, Food, and Museums

I hopped on the Red Bus, (not the Red Bus Tour company) and took a short trip to Tel Aviv to see the best city sites. None of the sites on the Red Bus tour were off the tourist grid. In Tel Aviv, I saw only the routine tourist sites, and it was loads of fun.

Next time, I need more time to see the incredible nightlife. I am not much for night life. But, I love to see the dawn and hang out at the beach and people watch. So I am spending the day at the beach.

Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

The restaurants in Tel Avi, Israel are outstanding and vie for top honors with any restaurant critic! See this list of the eight
Best restaurants in Tel Aviv, Israel for some great recommendations.

If you are a foodie and like Pubs and Cafes try the Tel Aviv Foodie Guide and Conde Nast Restaurant recommendations are always great.

Tel Aviv is known for its museums.
10 Best Museums

Tel Aviv Israel

My Hotel

Alexander currently 50% off. What a Great deal!

Tel Aviv Israel

Multi-National Corporations and Country Headquarters

I spied Microsoft Israel Head Quarters

Near the Airport is Multi-National Corporations and Country Headquarters campus park.

Tel Aviv Israel

Alexander Hotel – A Little More About My Hotel

My Hotel Lobby at the Alexander Hotel. It took tremendous effort to get the room I reserved. But when I was finally, in the right room, I had a great time. The breakfast at the Alexander was magnificent.

Tel Aviv Israel

Contemporary, Modern City

Tel Aviv Israel

Private Art for Public Display

Tel Aviv Israell

Public Art

Tel Aviv Israel

 Great Museums

Tel Aviv Israel

Thoroughly Modern

Tel Aviv Israel

Graffiti in Tel Aviv Israel

Tel Aviv Israel


Tel Aviv Israel isn’t Angry Graffiti  like in Palestine.

Tel Aviv Israell

 My Obsession – Manhole Covers

Public Art in Tel Aviv Israel is more than manhole covers.

Tel Aviv Israel manhole cover

More Manhole Covers

Tel Aviv Israel manhole cover

Great Shopping along the Broadwalk

Coca-Cola delivery near the tour bus station. The tour leaves every hour. If you miss the bus, catch a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants, or have a drink at a cafe on the boardwalk or do a little shopping until the next tour bus arrives. You don’t have to be on a schedule in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Israel

Blue Skies

Tel Aviv Israel has beautiful skies, clouds, beaches and a thriving art center.

Tel Aviv Israel

Thoroughly Modern Tel Aviv Israel

Tel Aviv Israel

I highly recommend Tel Aviv for a few days. There are great museums, beaches, and the food is fantastic.

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