Travel Tips for Bucharest Evening Walk, Experience Comparison

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Take a Short Evening Walk in Bucharest

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My hotel concierge suggested I take a Short evening walk in Bucharest. So on my walk to dinner, I found myself traveling down these romantic streets. Along the way, I saw a few unusual things. I saw a statue of a naked man holding a dog. I saw a play in Romanian with English subtitles. In one alley I found kids tagging buildings. Now I am very glad that my hotel staff suggested a night time stroll down the streets of Bucharest.

Short Evening Walk in Bucharest

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Here are the Night Sites in Bucharest

An old speakeasy street with live music and a hopping bar scene.

I walked by The National Museum of Romanian History, a museum on Calea Victoriei in Bucharest, Romania. The museum contains Romanian historical artifacts from prehistoric days up to modern times.

The permanent displays include a plaster cast of the entirety of Trajan’s Column, the Romanian crown jewels, and the Pietroasele treasure.

The typical Communist architecture is everywhere, except in this section of town close to ‘old town.’ The Communists destroyed most of the historic buildings in the rest of the city.

Across the street from the museum is the CEC Palace

Short Evening Walk in Bucharest Romania

In Bucharest, Romania. CEC Palace built in 1900 located on the primary avenue called the Calea Victoriei, opposite the History Museum.

The museum is the headquarters of the national savings house known as C.E.C., now called CEC Bank. Pretty for a bank. I noticed how well lite the town was.

Short Evening Walk in Bucharest Romania
In the old town, the city’s Romanian historical section is alive and vibrant and has a ton of cool restaurants and music. There are lots of clubs if you want to meet people. Bucharest has a lively nightlife scene!

Short Evening Walk in Bucharest Romania

Graffiti and posters made for an artistic urbanized, grungy scene

My favorite part of Bucharest

The old communist architecture is one of my favorite streets. The old city is also a favorite.

Short Evening Walk in Bucharest Romania

The texture of the walls struck me, and I had to take a few more photographs.

I loved the dramatic transformation of this building’s wall.

A Romanian play with English subtitles was pretty unusual to see.

Short Evening Walk in Bucharest Romania

Dinner was a steak and mushroom salad and local beer

I love beer. But, I don’t drink it much so I can’t tell you if it’s good or not. So deciding which beer to drink was hard, which would you pick? I chose the 6.00 lei beer, a local beer which costs under $1.50. It tasted great to me. An excellent night. Goodnight, Moon!

Finally, stuffed and tired I walked back to my hotel. By the way, the streets felt safe, the lighting was excellent and I never felt unsure of the situation.

Short Evening Walk in Bucharest

Last but not least, I found candy on my pillow. Sweet dreams. I crashed after a lovely evening.

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