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Original America’s Cup Yachts

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The next port of call is France! It’s time for the America’s Cup, but there isn’t a significant American audience as not many people in the USA think about sailing or yacht racing. After all, because of today’s progressive viewpoint, this is a decadent sport; a sport only for the haves.

Visiting France, Sailing, and Sailboats

The race was originally between British and American Yachts. The defender set the rules, determined the yacht design. Now the boats look very different. The first boats sailed at the regattas, like this race that happened in France when I was there. In Cannes, France, I saw the beauty of past years and a lifestyle that only a few enjoy and have the pleasure to see.

Sailboat racing is reminiscent of a time gone by – a gentler time and civil time. Is it time to get back to the manners, politeness, and defined rules of engagement, as we had when sailboat racing looked like this? I think it is time, to realize it’s not just what you say but more importantly, how you say it.


I want to show you my view of France, travel photos, and the America’s Cup original J-Class boats. A relaxed way of life, French lifestyle, and travel tips. In case you don’t get the chance to see this event, I want to share my view with you. A civil world of social graces, elegance and the magnificent yachts illustrate this gentleness.

Travel Photos

The race held in Cannes, France with sailors from around the world was awesome to watch from our boat. All come to appreciate a gentler way of sailing in the original America’s Cup yachts.

France, Sailing, Sailboats and Ports, Port of Call - France, Sailing, and Sailboats

By Guillaume Plisson – Les Regates Royales de Cannes – Panerai – Photo Credit

France, Sailing, Sailboats and Ports, Port of Call - France, Sailing, and Sailboats

Photo Credit – Guillaume Plisson – Les Regates Royales de Cannes – Panerai

Port of Call - France, Sailing, and Sailboats

Photo Credit – Guillaume Plisson – Les Regates Royales de Cannes – Panerai

France, Sailing, Sailboats and Ports

Sailboats Teach Us

At the port, you’ll see big motor yachts and Saudi princes’ boats. In the photo below you can see one of the royal vessels. I long to have this lifestyle, a pace that is relaxing. A time when people enjoy painting, great food and good conversations with friends.

However, having been around the people who own these yachts don’t appeal to me. Their lifestyle doesn’t appeal to me. It just doesn’t. It doesn’t appeal to me because I want to be part of everyday life. I don’t want to be separated, removed from daily grinds as they are. I want to buy my groceries and feed my cat.

Civility and Elegance

What I want and why I am showing these old times boats is I want a time of civility on T.V. and Radio and how we talk to each other. I want the kindness of strangers going out of their way to help another person. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are good people out there. This does happen today, and sometimes we see it on the news!

I long for a gentle, unpretentious lifestyle. These boats might not have that. But what I see, watching these boats is a relaxed way of life, intense competition, good friends, loving families. A time when there was time to make love and dinner without Uber meals. In my mind, I feel like these boats represent the lifestyle of a time gone by.

What I see and feel is these boats illustrate a way of life that is gone, a civility that is gone.

France, Sailing, Sailboats and Ports, America's Cup

Some spectator yachts are so large they dock at the commercial port

Sailboat racing teaches us civility, perseverance, and if you lose this week, there is always next week to duke it out again. Let’s practice what these travel photos show us.

Sailboat racing has rules. Some are real, and some are fake rules. The fake rules have practical application, such as the “tonnage” rule. The rule isn’t official but, a practical one. The rule means, the biggest boat has the right of way and Trumps, the right of way of smaller boats even if the smaller boat shouldn’t have to bear off.

Fair is a Fair Does

Though it’s not fair, it is practical. Today, let’s be practical, We can treat each other with kindness. I believe manners and civility are the measures of our society. We have to get back to civility and respect both sides. The smaller boat may be in the right but, who wants to get destroyed by the bigger boat. What’s the point? If the big boat has the power, the tonnage – well then they are in charge, at that moment. And More Importantly, tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is another race.

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