Don't Pack Luxury Items - What Not to Pack for Safe Travel

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Don’t Pack Luxury Items When Traveling

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My first rule of travel packing is don’t pack luxury items. I bring things, that if lost, stolen, or ruined, my heart won’t be broken. Even credit cards can be replaced in 24 hours right to your hotel if necessary. Everything in my bag is replaceable and I recommend following suit.

Don’t Pack Luxury Items When Traveling List

The following list are things I don’t recommend bringing with you while traveling:

  1. Expensive jewelry
  2. Heavy or bulky clothing
  3. Curling iron or hair dryers
  4. Pictures that don’t have replacements
  5. Your best clothing and items you can’t live without
  6. Watches – Watches are a unique travel gear category. Interestingly, in countries such as Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt the watch is the measure of a person. Maybe wear a copy or a good knock off.

Items that are Popular for Thieves- Cellphone and eReaders

Guard your cell phone. Thieves love to steal iPhones and androids. An unlocked iPhone can fetch a good price around the world. Little children try to sell flowers while another one takes the cell phone. In seconds, they disappear and parents often watch them do it.

My advice is to keep cell phone off the table. Keep them in handbags or backpacks in a pocket inside the bag; that is typically the safest spot. Just be aware of your surroundings. If you use a tripod with your camera or phone, watch where you place it when you set it up.

How to Pack a Travel Camera Bag

Watch where you set up a tripod the whole thing could disappear.

Get a Kindle or use an iPad to read books. They are light weight, portable, and keep their charge for a long time. These items are also popular for thieves as they are expensive and can be re-sold

Is there anything else you think should be added to the do not pack list? Share below!

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