What to See at the Dead Sea Jordan and Places to Visit

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See the Dead Sea Jordan

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The next day, Wajeeh, my friend from Amman and I took a trip to the Dead Sea Jordan. We spent the day together at the Dead Sea walking around, exploring and examining the rocks along the shore. We spent a relaxing day and called it our day trip to an Oasis and enjoyed every moment.

What to See at the Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

The Sea and Stones on the Shore

The Dead Sea is more than a location, it’s a place that is quiet and relaxing with fantastic hotels and services and music that floats trough the air. Yes, there is music on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea. Music, softly floating over the guests, the sea, and dunes romancing even the most unromantic person.

Dead sea jordan

We went to the scenic overlook and took in the view of Israel, Jericho and the West Bank. Hard to believe the arid desert has so many conflicts over a land that is arid without water.

Spectacular Views

Spectacular resorts, hotels, and vacation homes line the Dead Seas’ shores. It’s funny, Wajeeh said. This is mostly, a Muslim area, which was once Sodom and Gomorrah. It is believed to be unholy land. Maybe this is just a story, but some Muslims won’t spend the night here because of the unholiness of Sodom.

Dead Sea Jordan

Unlike in Israel, the Dead Sea in Jordan didn’t have sand fleas or sand flies. So the beach was very comfortable. Most Muslim women, wearing Muslim bathing suits are completely covered on the beach. I wore lightweight cotton pants and a top with sleeves. An outfit like that is risque enough for this beach.

Dead Sea Jordan

Ice Cream

We ate ice cream on the veranda of the hotel while we listened to flutes, lyres and a type of mandolin. The music relaxed us and made me feel like I was in heaven. Wajeeh and I hardly said a word while we enjoyed our ice cream.

Dead Sea Jordan Dead Sea Jordan

My Feet in the Water

Keeping my tradition of putting my feet in the water at the Dead Sea in Jordan!

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

Me and my shadow

The Horizon

Dead Sea Jordan

Seascapes Dead Sea Jordan Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

On the drive home to Amman, we saw Bedouins on the road. They were watching us watch them. Seeing Bedouin is very common in Jordan.

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordon

At one point we were on the border of Israel. When I walked toward the water, the Israeli guard yelled at me while pulling out his gun. He aimed, and I stepped back one step. I didn’t understand what he said, but I knew I had to stop and step back – hands in the air. I was trying to put my feet in the water to take a photo.

Never got the shot.

Travel Tip: Be aware and present – there may be customs, borders that are sensitive. You might not know where the borders are so make sure you ask before you venture when you see more than one countries flags. 

Dead Sea Jordan

Israel Dead Sea Jordon

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