Solo Female Traveler Experience - Missed Flight to Cairo Egypt

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Missed My Plane to Cairo, Egypt

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Normally, I don’t have any issue making a plane connection, but this time, I missed my flight to Cairo Egypt. As a matter of fact, I hope this is the first and last time I tell a story like this. My invite to Egypt was all planned, and all I had to do was board the airplane. If I boarded, my next adventure would start. Unfortunately, earlier in the day I took the Karaköy İskelesi ferry from the European side of Istanbul to the Asian side. At some point, I lost my cell phone and reported it to the ferry terminal.

How I Missed My Plane Connection to Cairo Egypt

As time marched by, someone eventually – returned my phone. All I had to do now was go to the Karaköy İskelesi terminal to pick it up! To this day, I am shocked someone returned my cell phone to the captain of the ferry and didn’t sell it. Unfortunately, the captain was sailing the ferry boat to another port. He wouldn’t be back until 10:00 pm. So, I had to wait until he returned.

Travel tip: Yes, very honest strangers do the right thing and return lost items all over the world.

Egyptian Air Flight Change

In the meantime, I had to contact Egyptian Air to change my flight. I made the call to the airlines from my computer using Skype – my magic phone as my Istanbul friends called it. By the way, the 800 numbers work on Skype wherever you are. They are free calls too!

Love it when luck and fortune shine on me.

Cairo Egypt

Arriving in Cairo, Egypt

Now my Cairo friends were worried about me. My host family had sent someone to pick me up, a friend from the Cairo office went to pick me up, and one of my partners was also heading to the airport. At home, there are times I can’t find one person to give me a ride, and now I have three people trying to pick me up. More than embarrassing!!!

At home, there are times I can’t find one person to give me a ride. Now, I have three people trying to pick me up. More than embarrassing!!!

The person who picked me up was from work, Ahmed. When he arrived,  I asked him to call my host family and asked them to stay home. Next, he called, my Microsoft partner to turn around and go back. I would explain to him later.  Ahmed then joined me at Rana’s home for tea, gift giving, and dinner.

Cairo Egypt

My Friend’s Home in Cairo, Egypt

When we got to Rana’s home, Ahmed and I were warmly greeted. I had caused massive confusion. However, the hostess was so gracious and as charming as I remembered them!


My Friend’s Living room in Cairo, Egypt

Her mother cooked all day and prepared a lovely meal. The three of us – Rana, Ahmed and I ate an outstanding authentic Egyptian meal of Egyptian Molokhia soup, Egyptian rice, Egyptian Chicken, and rice in grape leaves with lemon sauce at the dining room table. Then I noticed that Rana’s parents ate in the kitchen. I asked, why didn’t they join us, in the dining room. Rana explained her mother wanted to serve us. This seemed very formal to me and slightly awkward. But, it’s Egyptian tradition.

Evening Meal in My Friend’s Home in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Egyptian Good Manners

Luckily, I had read some articles before I went on my trip to Cairo, Egypt about customs in the Middle East. I learned that it was a sign of respect, good manners, and hospitality to bring a watch as a gift from home to the hostess. With watches in hand for Rana and her mother (it wouldn’t be good manners to give her father a gift because I was a woman.) I presented the gifts. They complimented me a lot for bring them. I was still embarrassed, because of the missed flight. Thanks to the internet I hadn’t further embarrassed myself by forgetting a gift.

Travel tip: Thanks to the internet I hadn’t further embarrassed myself further by forgetting a gift.

Shopping and Sightseeing

Their apartment

Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Ahmed’s Uncle’s Shop

Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Rana and her Husband Ahmed

Cairo Egypt

An Egyptian Breakfast

That evening, Rana asked what I ate for breakfast. I said a toast, fruit, and black coffee. She said, “I will make you two – our breakfast and yours. You can pick the one you like.

I didn’t want to bother her and said, that wasn’t necessary. But the next morning two trays were served. The American breakfast below was delicious. All my other meals were Egyptian for my entire stay.

Egypt Cairo, Cairo Egypt The Middle East, Cairo, Egypt

Egypt Cairo, Cairo Egypt The Middle East, Cairo, Egypt

We had a lot of adventures to do in  Cairo Egypt. I hope you get to see the  Cairo Egypt that I saw and get to meet the amazing people of Egypt.

Missed My Plane to Cairo Egypt

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