Local Hikes Near Seattle - Bellevue Washington Hikes

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Local Hikes Near Seattle and Bellevue Are Perfect Practice Hikes

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Using the King County Trail System is an excellent way to prepare for your big weekend hikes.  Local hikes near Seattle and Bellevue are perfect practice hikes.

We all like to hike on the weekend. Some have the time to hike on weekdays. I like to practice on local Bellevue, Washington walks or hikes during the week. Sometimes I’m not as prepared as I should be for my weekend hikes. So, I practice for my longer weekend hikes during the week, so I come home invigorated, even if I feel a little sore after a good hiking.

So I am writing this post to inspire you to take local hikes and practice hikes to get ready for the weekend. There are great Bellevue Washington hikes, perfect for after work or when the kids are at school. I bet there are great practice hikes where you live too. Additionally, even if you don’t take a longer hike, local hikes, shorter local hikes can walk you into shape.

Bellevue Washington Hikes Are Perfect Prep Hikes

The King Parks and Recreation Department has Backcountry hikes program. The King County Trail system also has plenty of steep trails, a variety of distances many around 3 miles plus, that will prepare you for longer weekend hikes. Finally, beware of the posted signs. When you see a sign like this, posted by the park department take care. It’s real – Watch out for Black bears.

bellevue washington hikes

Beware of Black Bears. It’s always good to read the signs and believe them.

Some might ask how safe the trails are? Although lighting isn’t on the trails, they feel safe to me. Another thing to note is sometimes; I see signs posting a lost dogs, or black bear sightings and sometimes even a cougar.

Practice Makes Perfect

Local walks or hikes are excellent practice workouts. The country trail system is well marked. First of all, you can plan ahead of time. Secondly, you can decide how hard you want to work workout and pick a level that fits your needs. Lastly, you can determine how long you want to go; this assures you won’t make excuses and skip your practice hike.

Bellevue Washington Hikes

What to Expect

Here is what you can wait to find. The trails are well marked and well groomed. Maintainance by the county, cities, or municipalities keep the trails in the best shape. Maybe maintenance doesn’t matter or make a difference to you, but it’s good to know local governments want people to get out and use the trail system.

Since you may find yourself walking through neighborhoods, watch out for dogs, kids and always be respectful.

bellevue washington hikes

Bellevue Washington Hikes

These local hikes have a lot of variety. You might see streams, ponds, and bridges. The flora and fawn are unique to each area. I found these plants on the day I went on a 3.5 miles hike in Lakemont System. It is pretty steep, a swish back and it ha markers so you can track how far you have gone. If you use a cell phone app or Fit bit, you can track how far you travel and your steps. Additionally, your speed and heart rate, are monitored. Hiking Apps are a great way to stay on track or on time while setting and keeping personal goals.

Bellevue Washington Hikes, local hikes

Green Stuff on Trees

The green stuff on the trees is Moss. The lore is that moss on the trees points to the north. So if lost, you can find true north. Unfortunately, the moss in the PNW doesn’t look to the north when there is this much moss.

Bellevue Washington Hikes, local hikes

Moss, Ferns, and Lichen

In the Pacific Northwest, people love to hunt for Moss, Ferns, and Lichen. Additionally, mushrooms hunters like to harvest mushrooms while hiking. However, one note of caution and travel tip; Know your mushrooms before you eat them, or you could get very sick if you ate a toxic or hallucinogen.

 local hikes, Bellevue Washington Hikes, local hikes

Loads of Flowers – Rhododendrons, and Berries

During the spring you will see beautiful flowers like the one below and Rhododendrons. I don’t know the name of the flower below maybe you do. If you do, I would love to know the name of the flower in the picture.

Bellevue Washington Hikes, local hikes

Local Hikes – Pacific Northwest Holly

bellevue-washington-hikes, local hikes

local hikes

Since spring is here, hopefully, you will get out and practice on local hikes before you go hiking on the weekend. Check out Bellevue Washington hikes and the trail system of King County for great practice and training routes. If you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, check out your local hikes, in your hometown. If you get out and train, you can prepare for longer hikes. The hike I am preparing for is Spain’s Camino de Santiago. Camino de Santiago is my dream hike or walk. My goal is to complete it on my first attempt.

I hope, I can do it with my daughter KC some day. It’s good to dream! Keep dreaming and keel traveling with friends or traveling alone, just keep traveling.

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