Booking Travel using a Travel Agents, Travel Tips and Agents

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Why UseTravel Agents

Why use travel agents? For me, a good travel agent is like a beautiful flower. If you find one you don’t want to let them go.

Why use travel agents?

I have a friend who does private tours for a royal family of Saudi Arabia; I think she is very special. She used to work at the Istanbul Ritz-Carlton. Because of her training and her wonderful, generous personality, she is an outstanding guide, understands her customer and is thoughtful. Therefore, how do you find an agent like her?

What makes a good travel agent.

To me, she is the perfect tour guide and travel agent. My friend Filiz understands travelers mindset, travel insurance and makes the process easy and understandable. Again, everything done is never done at the last minute or in a panic drill. Furthermore, she always organizes and delivers with confidence the best experience.

Good planning makes me trust the agent, and that is what I believe makes the customer feel completely satisfied with the services, people make mistakes, things will happen I just want to feel like I matter. There isn’t a perfect trip just ones with fewer bumps.

Tour Experiences

My tour experience is mixed. Rarely, don’t I use a Travel agent, but, would like to. I would like to have a go-to person who considers my every need, and gives me heads up and helps me plan unusual ventures.

How to Find Good Travel Agents

If I could find this person, I would use a travel agent because I am sure I would get a lot out of it.

Here are some Who offers the Best Travel Tours for solo women travelers. My criteria for Travel agents, they must provide value.

What makes a good travel agent?

Here are the traits I look for and want from a travel agent.

  • Honesty
  • Accurate
  • Factual
  • Comprehensive
  • Proactive

Available, reachable, understands my schedule and needs.


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