Best Travel Stories by Kids Traveling around the World

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Travel Stories from Kids

Our visit to Kabak, Turkey, Full Moon Camp

Travel Stories from Kids

by correspondent Laylah Delkhasteh age 11

In August 2015,  I went on an AMAZING trip to Turkey with my mom (Sarah Amsler). It was in Kabak, high up in the mountains! We love traveling together, and Baba (my dad, Mahmood Delkhasteh) enjoys his time as a bachelor when we’re away, but we do also travel with him in other places, just not here.

It’s always lovely to travel with my mom because we go LOADS of places: waterfalls, caves, boat cruises, hikes that made me have heat exhaustion accidentally…

We stayed in a tree house at ‘Full Moon Camp’ which is 10/10!!! They have a super swimming pool; it’s run by a nice family, and they’re really sociable.

boat - Travel Stories from Kids
On the boat cruise, we had to get on a bus then go to the beach to find our boat (which was extremely easy). It was a stupendously hot day, and we stopped on five islands, and we got to swim in all the coves there, the islands were

What we saw

  • Camel beach
  • Blue cave (I mean literally blue and turquoise!)
  • Cold water cave (super cold on a hot day)
  • St Nicholas Island
  • Butterfly Valley (lovely butterflies)

What we did

Mum and I always swam out really far and jumped off the boat; we explored every inch before getting back on our boat. On the trip, we met a terrific woman named Katherine Green. When we were on St Nicholas Island, she threw bread in the water so the fish would come near us! Katherine Green is who I’m writing for now! She was also an amazing photographer and took a picture of me and mum in deep, turquoise blue water (yet again far out!). I’d like to say a HUGE THANKS to Katherine, or Kate.

P.S. You should really try out full moon camp, really. To learn more about on Trip Advisor and read my report Over the moon about Full Moon!.


Written by,

Laylah Delkhasteh

Laylah’s report on Trip Advisor is titled Over the moon about Full Moon! find it here:

Cost of our trip to Kabak, Turkey Full Moon Camp

$600 airfare for 2 people from London to Dalaman airport

$40 round-trip from Dalaman Airport to Kabak (Full Moon Camp) using the bus and dolmus

$155 accommodation for two people for five nights, including breakfast and dinner + shared bathroom/shower

£20 for all-day boat cruise for two people

$50 for additional food and water during the week (we often skipped lunch or just had snacks as were full)

 Total = $865


We spent transportation fees to the airport from our house in the north of England.
Airfare was our largest expense because it was peak season


Laylah Delkhasteh has traveled with her parents since she was a little one, she is in 6th grade, England. Her hobbies are:

  • Acting (musical theater)
  • Dance – 3 hours of dance every Saturday, including jazz, tap, ballet and street dance
  • Horse riding
  • Favorite subject is P.E
  • Aspiration: musical theater actress, and wants to be on TV dancing, acting and singing!

Here is how she started Laylah’s trips to Kyrgyzstan in 2007 and 2008

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Travel Stories from Kids

Watch this spot for more stories from Laylah as she travels with her mom to new and exciting places. More to come. Keep up the good work Laylah!