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Press Release


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Where in The World is Kate?

Bellevue, WA, USA

Press Release – New Travel Website Launches for Travelers 50+

(Bellevue, WA) — (1-27-2015) Where in the World is Kate is the best travel blog dedicated to travelers 50 plus.


In 2005, Katherine Green’s work took her on trips around the world. Traveling through Europe, Asia, and the Middle East she learned she wasn’t where she expected to be at this stage of her life. Her journey took her to locations she never dreamed she would see, meet amazing new people and learned new things.

Behind the Site

In 2010, inspired by her travel, Facebook fans asked her to guess where she was going to next. Kate introduced a game called, “Where in the World is Kate?” Her fans inspired her to tell the back story of her journey, and the little bits about her travel that made it fun. So, Kate shared her travel tales, tips, and pics. Behind the scene, her journey answers the question, Now what at this stage of life or any stage of life. Like lots of people at 50 plus, who raise a family, or a career that is closing, face the question, what does Act 2 look like??

Kate is like you. What do you want to do at this stage of your life? Where do you want to go – Where do you want to be? She faces and answers the question, how to travel, live at 50 plus and embrace your life.

  1. Everyone believes Act 2 will include money, time and most importantly a travel partner
  2. What to do when this isn’t your reality?
  3. NOW WHAT at this stage of life?

Now What?

Where in the World is Kate, is a story about learning how to travel, the people, places, and experiences that create life’s tales. She delivers the travel resources, tips, and life’s survival guide

“As misrepresented woman, I realize that travelers at 50 plus want more than the average travel site. Many blogs and websites dedicated to young or elderly travelers miss the point that travel is about the journey. At every stage of life, very few people have the resources to go everywhere they want to go. Whether this results from divorce, family issues, or health, we all face challenges.” explains Green. “Many don’t have the one special relationship they thought they would have at 50 plus.” She continued, “However, all traveler and especially at 50 plus, want to learn, experience and acquire travel resources that translate into a survival guide for Life’s Act 2.


The blogs tales illustrate how to travel thoughtfully, mindfully, and easily. Kate shares how preparation tips and key takeaways after a trip. By choosing to be flexible, creating travel opportunities, travel is enjoyable and rewarding. Travel teaches personal growth. Sometimes the road less traveled teaches the biggest lessons. Most importantly, the site helps travelers 50 plus, solo female travelers, all travelers to embrace their stage of life, regardless of age, sex or physical abilities, and provides a fun, great travel experiences.

“Where in the World is Kate?” helps travelers make, take and seize new travel opportunities. The site “travel tales, tips and pics” emphasize this is your time, and that there is no time like the present. Later is Now!


‘Where in the World is Kate’ is the newest travel website that specifically caters to travelers 50 plus and at all stages of life. 49 countries and her timely experiences illustrate life’s survival skills. From her travel to Church Hill, Canada working on polar bear research or to Tuscany, Italy to do a commissioned painting, she captures her generation’s quest to see the world. Kate shares expert tips on how to travel alone and with friends or children. She shares how to make it happen while offering insightful recommendations.

Currently, site donations, sponsors, ads and consulting work pays for the site. Green is confident that her travel pics, tips, and tricks, will inspire, engage, and entertain readers of all ages.

For media inquiries regarding ‘Where in the World is Kate’, individuals are encouraged to contact Katherine Green personally via email at To learn more about Katherine (Kate) Green, please visit

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