Best Travel Camera Gear Suggestions, Travel Tips and What to Buy

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My Camera Gear

I learned all about my camera gear and what it’s like while traveling from a special friend, who is a professional photographer for the Prince of Monaco. That sounds like a great assignment to me. Nowadays, my camera is my special travel friend. My relationship with my camera runs so deep, that when my daughter got married, I was asked not to bring my camera, as my date. Ok, I can focus once I look through the camera lens. My daughter thinks I am one with my camera. She is right, I love my camera. I think I’m having a relationship with my camera and my cell phone camera too.

My Camera Gear

I take it everywhere, and it never fails me.

Nikon is My Favorite Camera.

Me on the beach in Tel Aviv, My Camera Gear

Always be ready for the shot!

My camera gear has to be able to shot anything and everything. My cameras have to be prepared all the time to get a great shot.

Syrian refugee camp, Jordan, beach in Tel Aviv, My Camera Gear

Considerations for Buying a Camera

Describing my gear is like describing a friend. My Nikon is a top quality of the lens and the controls management. It’s also a rugged camera. My camera lens carried separate bodies, so I never miss a shot. I don’t like to waste a second. My standard camera gear bag holds all my gear.  In my backpack, I keep my cleaning cloth, lens filters, batteries, media and air to clean the lens.

Photography Basics

Some may ask, ‘Where to begin?’ Here is a post to help you find your inner photographer so you can be a better photographer and make the most of your camera whatever you use.  The post answers all your essential photographer questions as if you have taken a class.

My Camera List

  • Pick your brand – you will have your camera for a long time?
  • Decide how you are using it?
  • Are you taking people, places, food or all of these things?
  • Do you want to be able to upload your images while you are traveling from a data plan or the hotel Wi-Fi?
  • What camera weight do you like?
  • How does the camera fit in your hand?
  • Is your cell phone good enough?
  • Storage, how big are the files and what will you do with the images once you have them?

What I carry on a trip

  • My camera list includes Windows cell phone with a Lumia Nokia device.
  • Cannon Power Shot that fits in my hand, with super fast media.
  • Nikon D 300 two bodies and an 18-200 lens it doesn’t make huge files but has 24 million pixels, I don’t need more.

Are you looking for a new lens? I want to get a Nikon D750 full frame camera ED. The images are too big for blog writing, so I am not buying one. An Apple phone is easy to use a flexible camera, and although I love the format of an ED camera the image size is frightfully enormous.

Nikon 14-28mm f/2.8G AF-S

My replacement ‘go to the lens’ for a full frame camera is the 28-300mm 3.5-5.6 AF-S G ED VR Lens. For selling images, I need a high-quality format lens. For my blog, an iPhone will do. My Windows cell phone is ok, but the apps offer no filters that are worth anything. Matatus lens is comparable to my current lens. The reason I am not buying the new gear is the files are too big. They would be great if you’re selling my images for billboards but for the web and customer purchases, the new D 750 produces enormous files. I could reduce the file size (quality) then I have to ask why am I spending the money? The D750 is a lighter camera. If you have thoughts – please help me decide what to do.

Where I Buy Camera Gear

B&H Camera and Video

I would have been an affiliate partner for this fantastic company. If you can be an affiliate for them, I hope you will support them. Unfortunately, Washington state charges sales tax for online purchases and through this company, so the program isn’t available for people like me who reside in Washington. It’s still a great company. Buy from them regardless, excellent customer service, smart people, and great products at a great price.

Tel Aviv, beach in Tel Aviv, My Camera Gear

Here is a post about what to pack in your camera bag.