Solo Female Packing List Carry-On Bags, Women's Travel Purse

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Packing List Carry-On Bags

Packing List Carry-On Bags are a big deal to travelers. I was always told to bring an ace band-aid because it’s good for stopping snake venom by helping to stabilize a broken bone or sprain. In the old days, they said what to pack in your carry-on bag was a hard thing to figure out.

Packing List Carry-On Bags

Carry-On Bag Packing List is my most important piece of luggage. Most people can live out of their carry-on bag for days. So keep it light but, be smart in case you lose everything. Those things you can live without should be on your Carry-On Bag Packing List

Look No Further

Start with a plan and stress-free advice.

AMA recommends this advice here.

The documents side of planning and having a stress free trip.

Pinterest has a ton of significant hits to avoid stress while packing and unpacking

  • New go-to item: KT tape for this purpose because it’s so small and efficient.
  • Top items: iPod, pink Kindle, camera gear, electronics, and a spare cell phone
  • Camera gear: camera gear, camera accessory, and electronics in my carry-on.
  • Passport – Make sure passports are current?
  • Visa’s – do you need a visa to go to the country you are traveling too
  • Immunizations and Shots – do you need vaccination?
  • Catch something? – Always check with the American medical association
  • What do I do if I get sick while traveling?
  • Underwear not shown
  • If I bring watercolors, I put them in an easy to open pouch.
    • At Greek customs over my watercolors, I have been stopped in customs over my watercolors.
    • Customs inspected everything because they felt it was suspicious.
  • My wallets in my handbag
  • One of my purses with the contents in it.
  • Speakers for my computer in the Jaber case
  • Earbuds
  • Computer
  • I keep my passport always in the same pocket in my carry on and take my immunizations World card because I go to places that might request to see it.
  • A toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs and nail file – my small ditty bag
  • My flattened backpack lines the bottom of my bag
  • I use a soft camera case for protection. It’s always ready to use.
  • If you carry a spare cell phone as I do keep it close to you, so you have it if you need it.

In the slideshow, you will see Angie, my cat. As soon as I get my bag out, she comes over starts trilling her tail as if she is ready to be playful and come with me.

Or she likes it when I am going so she can have everything her way.

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