African Safari Flight Cost to Tanzania Best 50 plus Travel Ideas

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Africa Safari Flight Tanzania – Seattle

My African Safari Flight to Tanzania from Seattle

An airplane ticket for an African Safari Flight to Tanzania from Seattle is the most expensive part of a trip. Here is my ticket. Please use it as a ‘best guess’ cost estimate. Use it to estimate your flight cost. Airplane ticket prices are always changing. So, hopefully, it will help you plan your trip to Tanzania, Africa. I used a Delta upgrade to fly Business class – it’s a very long flight with a layover in Amsterdam. All I can say is – I am so glad I flew business class because it is a really long flight.

Africa Safari Flight Tanzania – Seattle

African Safari Flight Tanzania - Seattle

How much does it cost to fly to Tanzania – here is an average flight cost?      

This was several years ago and when I checked recently, the price hadn’t changed.

Some great places to find tickets are these sites.

Google Cheap tickets alerts

GO straight to Google here to watch for cheap tickets and to receive alerts.


Expedia is also a good place for ticket alerts

Or your favorite airlines for alerts. I use Delta Airlines first, Alaska Airlines second,  for all my flights.

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