Top 3 Airlines for Vacations for Singles Over 50, Traveling Alone

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Top 3 Airlines

First October 2015 post updated each year, January 2016, 2017.

My Top 3 Airlines

  1. Delta
  2. British Airlines
  3. Onur Airlines
  4. Alaska is newly added to my list in 2017

Why I Picked Delta Airlines

Loyalty. Service. Value.

  1. Delta Airlines
  2. British Airlines
  3. Turkish Airline

Delta is my favorite airlines, and American Express is my favorite credit card.

 Delta Story - My African Safari, Top 3 Airlines

Want to learn more, try some of these posts. Service varies on every flight and now that the airlines have changed their mileage program has become very hard to achieve the mileage status we all want to achieve. I think it’s important to consider your credit card and mileage program that you enroll in when traveling. I don’t use the 2 for one tickets I earn. But I do use them for visits for my kids to come out to see me.