How to Experience Israel by Hiking Israel's Qumran Caves

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Hike to the Top of Israel’s Qumran Caves

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Yes, again I got up very early this morning to beat the heat and tourists to drive the short distance from my hotel to Israel’s Qumran Caves because of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I am staying at the Dead Sea Oasis Hotel and Spa because it is close to Israel’s Qumran Caves. In Seattle with my daughter, I had seen the exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls, when they came on tour in Seattle.

Here is what is remarkable about the Scrolls and the Caves. First, it is remarkable to me that Dead Sea Scrolls lasted through time.  Second, I am shocked any found the caves. Then, once discovered, the artifacts remained intact with archeological significance and integrity. Most of the current damage done to the scroll were because of the way the people stored them after their discovery.

Israel’s Qumran Caves Deliver Breathtaking Desert Views

French and American Schools explored all the caves to find any remaining scrolls. Although 230 natural caves, crevices and other possible hiding places were examined in an 8-kilometer area along the cliffs near Qumran, only 40 contain any artifacts. All the scrolls parchment or papyrus scroll, except one, was discovered in one location at 3Q15. The only one not on papyrus is of copper. Another unique quality of the Copper Scroll is that it is a list of places where they buried gold, and silver pieces.  

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Dead Sea Scrolls, Caves and Desert Views

Honestly, what were the chances that anyone discovered these caves and the scrolls? I had to see this unusual Bible place and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here is what I learned. Here is the reason why the Dead Sea Scrolls are important, especially to Christians. Dead Sea Scrolls Importance to Christians

Israel's Qumran Caves


Israel's Qumran Caves

Israel’s Qumran Caves Clay Jars

Israel's Qumran Caves

 Israel’s Qumran Caves In the Morning Light

The ancient settlement of Israel’s Qumran remains well preserved. Here I am as I start to explore – me and my shadow.

Israel's Qumran Caves

Ancient Site

Israel's Qumran Caves

 Settlement Tools

Israel's Qumran Caves

Archeological Site

Israel's Qumran Caves

Qumran Settlement

From the archaeological site of Qumran Settlement, there it is – Israel’s Qumran Caves.

Israel's Qumran Caves

Rugged – Qumran Caves

This terrain isn’t easy to climb, hike or explore. How were the Qumran Caves even found?

Israel's Qumran Caves

Israel’s Qumran Caves

I spied another one. Then I saw another one, then one more. Then the more I look, the more I see.

Israel's Qumran Caves


The well-preserved settlement is incredibly hot. On the day I was there only two other families walked the site with me. I am glad I went in the early morning and avoided the sweltering, desert heat later in the day.

Israel's Qumran Caves

Fabulous Morning Walk

Israel’s Qumran Caves is worth seeing. Plan on spending a few hours to explore to explore the site.

Israel's Qumran Caves

Qumran Archeological Site

This photo shows a museum featuring a movie and other displays and information explaining the significance of Israel’s Qumran Caves and the Qumran archaeological site.

Israel's Qumran Caves


In the heat of the barren desert, this flower surprised me. It is so hot that I never expected to see a desert flower.

Israel's Qumran Caves

Hidden Treasure

On the drive back to my hotel to finish off my day with a spa day, the view on the way down makes me realize how big this area is. It is a vast, expansive desert area with a huge ocean. I can understand how the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried and remained hidden for centuries. I am still shocked that anyone found the Dead Sea Scrolls. When you see where the location is – you will also be shocked. It is one of the mot remote places in the world. And there are so many caves that might have more hidden mysteries. What else is out there to find?

Israel's Qumran Caves

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